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'Think globally, act locally' is an important adage as we face many social, economic and environmental challenges. While focused on local post-secondary educational needs in the areas of counselling, education and management, CityU Canada is also an integral part of City University of Seattle which offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs around the world. City University of Seattle is, in turn, a member of a larger organization called the National University System (NUS). NUS includes three Universities, a number of Colleges and additional educational services.

Across all its programs worldwide, City University of Seattle has a number of distinctive features, all adapted to fit the locations and cultures in which it delivers programs. CityU's mission is, "To change lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn." We recognize and value the transformational power of education, while making every effort to make education accessible. CityU is also known for its emphasis on supporting students, resulting in high graduation rates.

Our programs are designed and taught by practitioners and we regard our students as colleagues in professional communities of practice. Our graduates are informed by critical thinking and up-to-date knowledge in their fields. We aspire to be a part of professional communities of practice driven by lifelong learners. Our growing continuing education programs support this goal.

CityU in Canada is also known for its emphasis on ethics, diversity, and respectful and caring community. Notably, CityU Canada was one of the first universities in Canada to incorporate the stories and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its curriculum, designed and instructed by indigenous academics.

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