International Students


CityU couldn’t call itself a global university if international students weren’t a huge part of who we are. More than 300 students from around the world attend CityU in greater Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

If you’re an international student who’s interested in pursuing your education in CityU in Canada, please contact one of our student advisors at   We’ll answer questions, assist with the application process and, once you’re on campus, help with your studies.

Who is considered an international student?

The population of Canada is divided in three main categories: citizens, permanent residents also known as landed immigrants and temporary residents. Temporary residents are legally in Canada for temporary needs, including foreign workers, tourists and international students. In other words students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada are considered international students; this includes US citizens without a dual citizenship (Student Permit, Work Permit, Temporary visa or any other type of Visa).

Immigration documents needed to study at CityU

International students need a number of documents to attend CityU:

  • Passport
    Your immigration documents are only valid as long as your passport is valid. Renew your passport at least three months before its expiry date to avoid an interruption in your studies.
  • Study Permit
    A Study Permit is a document issue by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that allowing an international student to study in Canada for a limited time.
    • How to obtain a first Study Permit:
      • Before your arrival:
        1. Get your acceptance letter after submitting all required documents.
        2. Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) – (except for citizens of visa exempt countries)
        3. Apply for a Study Permit
      • After your arrival:
        1. Submit a copy of your Study Permit to City University as soon as you arrive in Canada Once you arrive in Canada. Remember that you must maintain your student permit and obtain work authorization when applicable.
        2. You might need to extend your Study Permit; click here for additional information about the process.
        3. Only students who have carried a full-time load for at least six months could quality for study permits; click here for additional information.
      • After graduation:
        1. Some students many students decide to stay in Canada after graduation. International students who have their Master of Counselling from City University may qualify for up to three years post graduation work permits. Click here for additional information about the process.

Where do international students attend classes?

At the present time, City University in Canada is only accepting international students in its full time Master of Counselling program in Vancouver, BC, with a January start. Situated in the heart of the financial/business district, the Vancouver Site has been in operation for thirty years.  Although we offer three delivery formats, international students are bound by immigration standards are only accepted in the full time option. They must maintain continuous full-time enrolment in order to preserve their Study Permit visa.

City University offers a series of programmes for international students at the Seattle, Washington, USA site. Please contact the International Admission Office in Seattle for additional information about your options:

Academic Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree with a 2.75 GPA minimum
  • English proficiency
  • Prerequisite courses in the areas of  learning, cognition, personality and human development
  • Current vitae/resume
  • Three letters of professional/academic reference
  • Background Information questionnaire
  • Writing sample

Transfer Credit Policy

City University accepts transfer credits (up to 12 quarter credits) from accredited colleges and universities, if they are determined to be directly equivalent to City University’s required courses.

Admission requirements

Link here for admission requirements for international students.

Application deadline

Priority is given to all complete applications received by September 1, those received or completed by after the deadline will be assessed on a space-available basis. Allow ample time for immigration processing as international students are not allow to attend classes without the appropriate Study Permit. 

International application and checklist

Click here to download a check list summarizing the complete listing of items that are required to complete your international application.

Admission process

An interview with the Senior Faculty or his/her designee will sanction your admission once all required documents are received. An academic acceptance letter will be sent to you if applicable. However the letter in question cannot be used for immigration purposes because international students have to comply with an additional set of rules that are not related to academic requirements. A separate admission letter will be issued after the Registrar’s Office has verified the transcripts credentials and only if the student has met all of the additional terms pertaining to international admissions.

Medical Insurance for International students

All international students are required to present proof that they have complete medical insurance in effect at the time of enrolment. Alternately, the International Student Office Advisors can provide details concerning a health insurance plan made available through City University in cooperation with a private insurance company.

Tuition fees and schedule

Download our tuition fee schedule for the current school year HERE.

International Student Housing

City University does not offer accommodations for international students in Vancouver. Here are a few things for you to consider before make a commitment:

  • Our site is located in Downtown Vancouver
  • Some apartments are within walking distance but lodging in Downtown Vancouver can be expensive. Consider a location that has good bus connections or is near the SkyTrain. Vancouver and has a good transit system
  • Short-term housing is expensive. Your best option is to make arrangements from home.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the area, stay with a host family or arrange for a monthly lease.
  • Vancouver has beautiful views – mountains, water and lots of trees; expect to pay more for a nice view.
  • Our climate is mild, not too hot, not too cold, but with a lot of rain. Investments in an umbrella and a raincoat with a hood and dressing in layers are advisable.

Temporary housing

If you are looking for a place to live until you settle down in a long-term apartment, there are plenty of hotels near CityU. Most hotels offer a shuttle from the airport or taxi service.

The YWCA Hotel Vancouver is safe and affordable option in Downtown Vancouver

Permanent and long term housing

Consider a homestay when you are exploring long-term housing options in the Vancouver area. It is a great way to experience the Canadian culture firsthand while living with a local family.

Downloadable Forms

International Student Admission Application Form
International Student Information Form
International Student Insurance Waiver Form