CityU Canada Counselling graduates show leadership at Character Canada Conference

We’d like to share a little gratitude and this note about how our CityU Canada Counselling graduates are having an impact on their communities. You make us proud! We post and share this with the author’s express permission.

Dr. Henley,
I wanted to send you a note of thanks on behalf of the organizing committee for your efforts to secure sponsorship for the Character Canada Conference. As you are aware the bulk of the organizing committee consisted of CityU in Canada graduates. Personally, you would have been very proud of the product they produced; a genuine exhibition of leadership at its finest. There is no doubt that as ”CityU” we have impacted districts and communities with outstanding people from our program. Abbotsford alone boasts over 15 current Administrators from the program. This does not include the countless number of teachers in leadership roles in other parts of the district.

A few highlights from the conference included keynote speakers Cassie Campbell, women hockey Olympic athlete and team captain who set the tone for the day, an outstanding assortment of breakout speakers (including our own Charles Scott), and closing keynote speaker Gregg Saretsky CEO of Westjet. There was amazing food and a fantastic social provided by local restaurants, wineries and breweries at the end of the day.

The conference committee met the goal of over 300 attendees representing, education, business and service groups. It was an excellent day with amazing feedback from all who attended. This would not have been possible without the support of CityU, so thank you once again for intentionally supporting character development.

Rob Comeau
Principal of Abbotsford Senior Secondary,