Constructing Common Ground in Addiction Treatment by Chris Nicol!

For those with limited experience in the addictions field seeking an increased understanding of addictions treatment and how to work more effectively with those challenged by addictions.

In the absence of consensus around what addiction is, what causes it, how best to treat it, and even what to call it, this course focuses on the common ground that we can all stand on when supporting those affected by problematic habitual behaviours. This certificate course is offered through CityU Canada’s continuing education programs and will help participants:

  • Explore popular concepts such as addiction,
    recovery, trauma-informed practice, and harm
  • Simplify the work by revealing its inherent complexities
    and linking theory to practice
  • Learn practical applications by applying foundational
    skills that facilitate supportive and effective therapeutic

Tuesday April 16, 2019 – Thursday April 18, 2019 from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

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The certificate course is taught by Chris Nicol, MA, RCC.

Chris has been working in mental health and addictions for over 20 years. Drawing on close to 15 years of lived experience, Chris began his career in the mid-90s working in a safe house with street-involved youth. He then shifted to working in Withdrawal Management with Vancouver Coastal Health, and in 2006 moved to a Concurrent Disorders Counsellor position at a community health centre in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. In addition to his current position as clinical supervisor for VCH’s inner city mental health and addictions counsellors, Chris has been teaching Motivational Interviewing and Addictions 101 workshops for front line staff in the downtown eastside.

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