Department Head Disability Services

Position Description:

1. The position is responsible for the coordination, supervision and direction of the curriculum and instruction within their departments and programs; for establishing liaison between the latter and other College departments and programs, as well as external organizations, institutions and businesses. In addition they are responsible for participating on college and provincial committees.
2. This position is a faculty position and is therefore covered by the Collective Agreement between the College and the Vancouver Community College Faculty Association.
3. The position shall be evaluated during the incumbent’s probationary year and the incumbent shall have a Performance Appraisal conducted thereafter in accordance with procedures set under the Collective Agreement.
4. In order that the administration of the department will be covered during the year, the position will ensure that someone will act in their capacity during any absence.
5. The specific responsibilities listed below are not intended to be a complete and definitive listing. The incumbent is expected to use their discretion and initiative to deal with situations as they arise and to assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Additionally, some of the duties may be delegated to individuals within the department.


1. Be responsible for and ensure the department and programs:
– maintain an appropriate quality of program services.
– ensure that the department uses best practices in Post-Secondary Disability
– participate in the evaluation of the faculty and support staff (as per the Collective
– develop Program Content Guides.
– approve (and in some instances develop) Course Outlines.
2. Assume responsibility for the supervision of faculty and support staff during all shifts and locations of instruction in the department.
3. Anticipate changes in faculty complement within the department and advise the Dean/Director.
4. Provide an auxiliary instructor if, and when, necessary.
5. Serve on recommendation committees which assist in the appointment of faculty and support staff.
6. Establish department duty and vacation schedules in cooperation with faculty members.
7. Participate in meetings.

1. Maintain liaison with other Department Heads to discuss and interpret points of view, problems and practices.
2. Convene meetings of faculty members within the department on a regular basis.
3. Keep members of the department informed about College developments.
4. Establish committees and delegate duties and responsibilities to committees within the department as necessary.
5. Coordinate and equitably delegate appropriate administrative duties and responsibilities to Assistant Department Heads, Coordinators I, faculty and support staff.
6. Advise students of available resources (Counselling, Admissions, Student Loans, etc.) and act in liaison with them.
7. Assist in resolving internal department conflicts.
8. Call on the resources of the College, if necessary, to guide and assist new faculty members with instructional skills.
9. Orient new instructors and support staff to the Department.

1. Maintain liaison with educational institutions, industry, commerce and government.
2. Assist in staff and professional development.
3. Aid in placing graduates in employment.
4. Assist in the provision and maintenance of adequate facilities and equipment for instruction.
5. Advise and assist in department budgeting and planning.
6. Guide the development of course and curriculum materials.
7. Assist in the development of instructor and student recruitment advertisements.
8. Participate in ongoing program review.

1. If requested, carry out the other duties and responsibilities.
2. Recommend any desired changes in courses and/or programs to the Dean/Director.
3. Ensure appropriate representation at standing provincial articulation and Program Advisory Committee meetings.
4. Prepare, submit, and monitor the department’s budget.
5. Authorize expenditure of budgeted funding by signing requisitions.
6. Evaluate term and probationary faculty and support staff. Oversee the Performance Appraisal of faculty/support staff as required.


• A Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, or equivalent, supplemented by recent professional counselling experience;
• A minimum of three years recent counselling experience in a comprehensive community college is preferred;
• Good knowledge of community services and funding agencies relevant to working with people with disabilities and good knowledge of the public post- secondary system;
• Must be professionally prepared to undertake the counselling of any student;
• Must be a specialist in disability issues, i.e. skilled and professionally prepared to undertake counselling and assistance of students with disabilities including but not limited to those with chronic health impairments; cognitive disability; deaf and hard of hearing; mental health disability; multiple disabilities; neurological disability; physical disability; and visual disability;
• As a specialist, able to inform and act as a resource, firstly, to the counsellor and advisor team and, secondly, to the faculty, administration, and the college community at large;
• The ability to interpret psycho-educational assessments and determine relevant accommodations;
• Possess theoretical knowledge and skills to provide career and educational counselling to an adult student population.

How to apply:

For more information, visit their job posting.

Position closes on January 15, 2019.