Dr. Harry Stefanakis announces the release of his new book: CORE Living

We’re please to celebrate the publication of Harry Stefanakis’ new book, CORE Living: 8 Choices for Living Well. As a local author, and a friend of CityU Canada, we encourage you to check it out.

Have you ever wondered how some people create exceptional lives? Do you feel stuck, lost or left behind in your life? Do you feel like you’re making the wrong the choices? Are you looking for something more? Inside this book, Dr. Harry Stefanakis offers straight up practical information on why we get lost in life and how to find our way. In these pages you’ll discover: • The eight choices you can make to take charge of your life • The strategies you need to overcome obstacles along the way • The CORE practices that can get you started right away Through stories, humor and proven practical tips you will learn how to activate intelligent compassion and cultivate your attention properly in order to steer your life in the right direction. Inside CORE Living, Harry shows you that the path to living well is right in front of you. Are you ready to begin?

The book can be purchased on Amazon HERE.