Philosopher’s Cafe Wed Jan 14, 7-8:30pm

CityU’s Philosopher’s Café:  Wed. Jan 14 (second Wednesday of every month)

Time:  7 – 8:30pm

Where?  CityU Canada, 789 West Pender St., 3rd Floor


Anxiety in schools is on the increase.  Particularly, teachers are reporting a surprising increase in anxiety in those as young as kindergarten age!  But in clinical counselling practice, anxiety is one of the most common presenting issues for clients of any age.

The next cafe will deal with the issue of anxiety. In particular we will discuss how anxiety is experienced by the individual while much of it is produced by the culture. That is, the culture produces the conditions that result in anxiety while the individual registers it and falsely attributes it to a flaw in their character or personality. And, on another level,  what about existential anxiety?  Is that something that we can get rid of, abolish, pathologize or accept?