Five CityU Canada faculty to present at Dignity 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden

We are absolutely thrilled to learn that CityU Canada has five faculty who will be presenting at the Dignity 2018 Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference theme, honouring dignity and resistance to violence, is co-hosted by the Centre for Response-Based Practice and Unizon, the largest women’s serving agency in Sweden.

In attendance from CityU will be: Allen Wade, Linda Coates, Shelly Bonnah, Vikki Reynolds and Cathy Richardson. Their presentations, along with others are listed below.

September 28-30, 2018
Elite Hotel Marina, Saltsjöqvarns kaj 25, Stockholm, Sweden
Registration: via Final date September 21th
Conference fee: 3000 SEK, including lunch and coffee, no accomodation included
More information:

The international conference Dignity 2018 celebrates the unending desire for dignity and justice
evident in resistance to violence and other forms of injustice. We bring together practitioners,
activists, and academics from Canada, New Zeeland, Australia, Kenya and Sweden with a common
interest in improving social responses to all forms of violence and oppression, with a focus on genderbased
and colonial violence.

Topics include: Men’s violence against women and children, and how women resist violence. How
children and youth resist violence. Porn-violence and how the porn industry has hijacked our
sexuality. Controlled eating as resistance to violence. The connection between violence and language.
Dignity-driven child protection practice. Honouring resistance in women’s shelters. Resistance to
colonial violence against Sami and other Indigenous peoples. The colonial core of mental health
practice. Individual and collective resistance. Download the conference flyer HERE.


Demystifying Dignity
Linda Coates, PhD Shelly Bonnah, PhD, and Allan Wade, PhD, Centre for Response-Based Practice, Canada

Sexualized violence and Men´s Accountability
Olga Persson, Secretary-General, Unizon, Sweden, and Peter Söderström, Co-founder Another development
foundation, Sweden

Harm Reduction as Dignity-Driven Practice
Vikki Reynolds, PhD RCC activist/therapist, professor, Canada

Our Modern History of Mens Violence Against Women Seen Through # Metoo Eyes
Hanna Olsson, psychotherapist, author, honorary Doctorate at University of Umeå, Sweden

The ’sex industry’: nothing to do with sex, everything to do with violence and vulnerability
Anna Sander, co-founder of Talita, Josephine Appelqvist, co-founder of Talita, and Meghan Donevan, project
initiator and manager of Reality Check, Talita, Sweden

Extractive Violence on Indigenous Country: Sami and Aboriginal views on conflicts with extractive industries.
Kristina Sehlin MacNeil, Postdoctoral Researcher, Vaartoe – Centre for Sami Reseach, University of Umeå, Sweden

Indigenous responses to violence and state racism
Cathy Richardson, PhD, Canada, Ellacarin Blind, project leader at Swedish Sami National Association, Sweden,
Donny Rikki, Maori psychotherapist of Ngapuhi and Ngati Paoa descent, New Zeeland, Ann Maje Raider, Executive
Director of Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society, Canada

Social Responses to Women in Australia
Angela Hartwig, CEO, Women’s Council for Domestic & Family Violence Services, Western Australia

Mana & Mamatowisiwin: Maori and Metis Womens’ responses to structural and gender violence
Cathy Richardson, PhD, and Donny Rikki, Maori psychotherapist of Ngapuhi and Ngati Paoa descent

Same old Story
Linda Coates, PhD, and Allan Wade, PhD, Centre for Response-Based Practice, Canada