Sustainability Series with Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods: Managing with heart. Systematically balancing a business’s economics priorities and the happiness of its people.

Our Sustainability Series Dialogue continue with an amazing speaker from Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods, on March 27th. The Sustainability Series, launched in 2018, is presented by CityU’s Bachelor of Arts (BAM) degree program, with a specialization in ethics and sustainability.

About Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods:

Founded in 1933 by M. J.-René Ouimet, Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods has been preparing authentic Québec cuisine for retail grocery consumers in Eastern Canada for more than 85 years.  Its highly automated production facility on the island of Montréal employs 100 skilled people in the manufacture of prepared meals, sauces and gravies, baked beans and meat pâtés.  While the company remains focussed on securing sustainable long-term economic growth and prosperity, it places equal emphasis on continuously improving the well-being of every person on the payroll. Economic management discipline is balanced with an equally systematic approach to managing human priorities.

For 85 years, the 100+ employees of Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods have poured heart-and-soul into the preparation of authentic Québec cuisine for consumers across Eastern Canada.  And for almost as long, company management has been experimenting with a systematic approach to balancing human well-being with productivity and profit.

This presentation reveals an integrated system of human- and spiritually- centred activities designed to foster the growth of universally positive values within an organization.  These activities are intended to compliment the more commonly applied disciplines associated with achievement of any business’s economic priorities.

It is the story of one company’s journey.  A beautiful and rewarding decades-long adventure.  We share it with the hope that other enterprises may choose similar experimentation and themselves reap the rewards . . . human, spiritual and economic . . . that such engagement can effect.

Their Mission

To grow the happiness, well-being and spiritual strength of our people;

To respect, to care for, and to delight our consumers;

To support our customers and our vendors toward achievement of shared commercial objectives;

All while continuing to build the long-term economic potential of our business.

Their  Values

Authentic and Passionate,

Creative and Resourceful,

Focused and Efficient, yet Humble enough to look to a Higher Power for the courage and inspiration to live these values in everything we do.


About the Presenters:

Rob McKenzie, is the President & CEO for  Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods Inc. With more than 30 years management experience in the CPG industry, Rob McKenzie made his start in Marketing before embracing the challenges of senior general management.  Rob has earned a reputation as a turnaround specialist, successfully re-establishing both the financial and moral health of various organisations.  He possesses a natural talent for aligning a company’s economic and human priorities, ensuring that the two support rather than contradict one another.  His management talents and personal qualities make him a model leader who inspires his colleagues to themselves become better managers and ultimately better people.

Patricia St-Aubin, is Director, People & Culture for Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Foods Inc. With more than 15 years HR management experience in the Food manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industries, Patricia St-Aubin is a Human Resources specialist who despises the term “Human Resources”.  Attracted to the field by her love of people, Patricia views every individual as an end-in-him/herself and not as a means-to-an-end.  She commits herself to supporting growth in personal happiness as much as professional competence . . . and to nurturing a cheerful climate, safe environment in the workplace.  A firm believer in the power of positive energy, her passion and joie-de-vivre are wildly contagious, making Patricia a powerful agent of affirmative cultural change.

Date & Time

March 27, 2019 • 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


City University in Canada

789 W Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

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