Tom Culham presented at the Comparative International Education Society conference, Mexico

Recently CityU faculty member Tom Culham was speaking at the Comparative International Education Society annual conference in Mexico City, March 25-29, 2018.  Education leaders from over 100 countries were present. Tom literally brings heart and soul to the practice of education, as evidenced in his regular contributions to the CityU Conscious Leadership blog. In Mexico he presented on the following topics:

A Workshop to Practice, Learn, and Contemplate the Application of: Meditation and Loving Kindness Practices in Postsecondary Education

Cultivating Reasons of the Heart: Theory and Research on the Application of Meditation in Business Ethics Education

Social Transformation Through Cultivating the Heart, Daoism and Learning: Pedagogy of Body, Emotions, Mind and Tranquility

Tom Culham, along with Charles Scott, CityU faculty member, were responsible as Co-Chairs of the Contemplative Inquiry and Holistic Education Special Interest Group, of the Comparative International Education Society’s annual conference with the theme Re-Mapping Global Education.

Link here to learn about their work in Re-Mapping Global Education  Or link here to learn more about the conference.

We’re proud of how Tom and Charles represented CityU in such a progressive area of education, as we share their accomplishments with our broader community.