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4 Days of Learning

There are many ways of sharing and learning knowledge. For Truth and Reconciliation Week Sept. 26-30th, CityU will be sharing knowledge through different perspectives and medias. Through learning about colonization in Canada and honouring the diversity of Indigenous worldviews, may we all be inspired to play an active role on the path to reconciliation.  

Day 1: Stories 

Story is an honoured method of Indigenous knowledge transfer. It is through the sharing of stories that cultural beliefs, history, and ways of life are passed through generations. Today, learn more about Truth and Reconciliation by listening to Indigenous voices.  

Day 2: Art 

First Nations, Inuit, and Métis art varies across the country depending on the community, natural landscape, and cultural practices. Woven into forms such as carvings, paintings, and intricate beadwork are the traditions and knowledges of generations. Today is about connecting to the cultural, social, and relational views expressed through Indigenous art.  

Day 3: Music & Dance 

First Nations, Inuit, and Métis cultural identity can be found in music and dance. Events from ceremonies to feasts include usually include drumming, singing, and dancing.  Due to this cultural significance, First Nations music and dance were outlawed by the Indian Act as part of forced assimilation. Today, let’s learn more about Indigenous music and dance and how they are connected to reconciliation.  

Day 4: Learning the Land 

The land of Turtle Island holds knowledge, stories, our histories, and our futures. Today is about engaging ourselves in our relationship to place. Take time to learn the knowledge of the lands you live upon and about the communities who have resided on these lands since time immemorial. 

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