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Welcome to City University in Canada!

At City University in Canada (CityU) we believe that access to post-secondary education should be a reality, not a dream, for all who have the ambition and motivation to attend university.   Our mission is to make education available to everyone with the desire to learn – in a way that works for you. No matter where you are from, you are welcome at CityU.

CityU is an innovative, not-for-profit University that changes our students’ lives for good by offering high-quality and relevant education to prepare students to graduate with the competitive skills needed to be successful in their career.  We accomplish this by having all of our courses taught by practitioner scholar faculty who hold relevant graduate degrees, have extensive professional experience, industry expertise, exemplary teaching skills, and scholarly achievements.

At CityU, our greatest inspiration is our diverse students, whether domestic or international, who bring with them a desire to learn, transform themselves and strive to make the world a better place.  Unlike traditional universities who focus mostly on grades when accepting applicants, CityU values the contributions and lived experience of those with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  Considering the circumstances of adult learners, CityU relies on an inclusive admissions process whereby we look at the whole applicant, and consider enthusiasm, motivation, maturity and life experience to guide our admission decisions.

Our programs are designed with working adults in mind; we at City U understand the unique needs and challenges of attending higher education as an adult, while balancing busy lives with multiple commitments. Recognizing the need for busy adult learners to have access to a responsive and flexible education, we have a variety of learning formats and delivery methodologies available. At CityU, students have the opportunity to participate in virtual online, on-site, and a hybrid of online and on-site delivery.

If you’ve always wanted an education with purpose, CityU makes it possible.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

As a private nonprofit institution of higher education, City University of Seattle’s mission is to change lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn. CityU’s vision is education access worldwide, via a network of partners and programs onsite and/or online. Its five core values are:

  • Flexibility — designing and delivering programs convenient to students;
  • Accessibility — providing educational opportunities to anyone, anywhere;
  • Innovation — continually creating new educational opportunities;
  • Relevance — teaching today can be applied tomorrow; and
  • Global Perspectives — acting locally while thinking globally.
Core Themes and Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees approves an institutional five-year strategic plan to guide CityU. The strategic plan is a living document that will guide the university for the next five years. It is updated annually, serving as a road map to help the university fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. The University’s strategic plan guides operational activities, including the determination of annual goals and objectives for its performance.

City University of Seattle’s Core Themes:

  • Theme One: Deliver High-Quality, Relevant Education
  • Theme Two: Ensure Student Access
  • Theme Three: Strengthen Global Connections
  • Theme Four: Foster Lifelong Learning
    View CityU’s strategic plan, CityU 2020, which builds upon the university’s mission and provides direction for future progress.

98.91% of our graduates are employed and they are working in their field of study

Come to CityU and experience an education that fits your life!

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