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Administration and Governance

The City University of Seattle Board of Trustees oversees City University of Seattle and plays an integral role in shaping the quality and character of its programs. As an affiliate of the National University System these trustees also serve on the board of the National University System and contribute to its future course.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, by Charter and By-laws, has legal and fiduciary responsibilities for the quality and integrity of the institution. It selects a Chief Executive Officer (President), approves and monitors the implementation of the mission of the institution, oversees the establishment of broad institutional policies, and exercises oversight to ensure compliance with policies. The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to implement and administer these policies as well as the responsibility to carry out the mission of the institution.

Governing Board List

Planning for tomorrow, today. The City University of Seattle Board of Trustees oversees City University of Seattle and plays an integral role in shaping the quality and character of the institution as well as steering its future course.

Trustees are recognized leaders in their communities and individually respected in the fields of business, education, the law, and the arts. The Board meets three times a year to assess University goals and the progress toward achieving them.

Leaders and Members of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Mark Milliron – Chair
Dr. E. Lee Rice – Vice Chair
Mr. Thomas Topuzes – Secretary
Mr. Richard Chisholm – Treasurer
Ms. Stacy Allison
Mr. Thomas Clevinger
Ms. Jeanne Connelly
Mr. Harold Greenberg
Dr. Ruthann Heinrich
Dr. Erlinda Martinez
Mr. Michael McGill, P.E.
Ms. Joanne Pastula
Mr. Dan Pittard
Mr. Hiep Quach
Mr. Carlos Rodriguez
Ms. Lee Willis-Irvine

Canadian Administration

Administration Faculty

Jacqui Linder – VP of Academics, Canada

Carla Alexander – VP of Canadian Programs, BC

Heather Henderson – Program Director, MEd in Leadership

Maria Stella – Program Director, MEd School Counselling

Zahra Ladha – Program Director, BA in Management

Eleonora Joensuu – Program Director, Master of Counselling Programs (Vancouver)

Truman Spring – Program Director, Continuing Education and Associate Director of the MEd Leadership

Danelle Kabush – Program Director of MC in Counselling (Victoria, BC) 

Office of Admissions/Student Services and Operations

Tanya Scorah – Vice President of Enrollment and Operations

Maika Tshimbalanga – Director of Enrollment & Student Success

US Administration

Office of the President

Randy C. Frisch – President

Nandi Moonflower – Executive Assistant

Office of Academic Affairs

Melissa Mecham, Ed.D. Interim Provost

Antonio G. Estudillo, Ph.D. – Director of Social Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Sumantra Sengupta PH.D. – Dean, School of Business and Management

Pat Russell, Psy.D. – Dean, School of Health and Social Sciences

Vicki Butler, Ed.D. – Dean, School of Education and Leadership

Sam Chung, Ph.D. – Dean, School of Technology and Computing

Jan Lüdert, Ph.D. – Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Office of Admissions/Student Services

Darcy Keller – Director of Student Financial Services

Jason Elliott – Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment

Melissa Mecham, Ed.D. – Vice President of Student Services, Registrar

Matthew Lechner, M.L.I.S. – Director of Library Services

Kathy Cox, Ed.D. – Associate VP of Strategic Partnerships

Teresa D’Ambrosio – Director of Enrollment and Advising

Amy Cummings-Garcia, Ph.D. – Director of Counseling and Career Center

Division of International Operations

Antonio Esqueda Flores, M.Ed. – Assistant Provost of International Education

Yanan Xu, M.B.A. – Director of China Program

Office of Finance and Operations

Kevin Brown, B.A. – Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Chris Bryan, C.P.A. – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Janet O’Leary – Director of Human Resources

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