Useful information about the Degree Audit, Commencement, and Graduation processes

  • Degree Audit Application (View the steps below)

Step 1. Follow the link to view the step by step process: Applying for Degree Audit
Step 2. Apply online through the Student Center page on the CityU portal
Step 3. Pay the associated $100 fee. (You must complete the payment before receiving the results of initial Degree Audit.)
Step 4. Registrar’s Office will review your academic records to determine your current standing and your eligibility to participate in the annual Commencement (typically students must have completed all but one or two courses of their degree program by June 2020.)
Step 5. You will receive electronic reports from the Registrar’s Office: Updated Program Plan and Degree Audit ResultsReview and make sure they match your academic standing
  • CityU Commencement 2020 (Attendance confirmation and Regalia ordering)

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2020
Location: T-Mobile Park (formerly known as Safeco Field), Seattle, WA

Step 1. Learn about Commencement Eligibility:  CityU Commencement Eligibility
Step 2. Confirm your attendance in a timely manner(if applicable if you are planning to attend the 2019 Commencement) by e-mail at:
Step 3. Order your regalia** if applicable online at Jostens or through their consumer call center at 1.800.854.7464.

** Two reminders:

  • Advice to avoid customs/duty fees for cap and gown

Canadian students will be responsible for customs/duty fees. To avoid customs/duty fees you can have your cap and gown shipped to Seattle for pick-up at the Graduation Help Desk on the day of the ceremony. All orders of this nature must be made in the student’s name. Notify that your cap and gown has been shipped for pick-up, and provide your name, contact number, and a copy of the shipping order confirmation number. Use the following address for shipping:

Use the following address for shipping:

521 Wall Street, Seattle, WA 98121 Attn: Cap and Hood

  • Hood Degree Colors:



White Master of Counselling
Light Blue Master of Education (all)
  • Additional information about CityU Commencement

Click here for additional information: Web link for FAQ’s

    • How to get to the ceremony
    • When to arrive
    • How to order regalia
    • How the students let us know they wish to attend
    • Who is eligible to attend
    • What to expect that day
    • How are honors announced
    • How to request accommodations for the ceremony
    • And much more
  • Graduation: What does “Degree Conferred” mean and what is the difference between degree conferral and degree completion?


“Conferred” in CityU’ s context means officially awarded and the date of your graduation is posted on your transcripts

Your degree is conferred, when CityU has verified to academic credentials and admitted you into your award as a legal graduate of the University. For you degree to be conferred you must have finished all academic and practical requirements and have no outstanding debts to the University. You become an official legal graduate of the University  from the moment your degree has been conferred and can use titles associated with that award. You can order your official transcripts for professional registration or for any other purpose if needed at this point. Follow the link to  Request CityU transcripts


The ‘Completion’ in your degree means that you have completed the academic requirements for your award. This could be useful if you are applying for further study, or need a proof that you have met the academic requirements of your degree while you are awaiting for your conferral.

CityU typically issues the Degree Certificate of Completion (also known as diploma) in the mail soon after the degree is officially posted on your transcripts. You should receive your degree certificate in the mail six to ten weeks later.

Scholastic Achievement Honored

CityU commends and recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement as outlined as link: