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Institutional Research in Canada

A vibrant, alive, and engaged academic culture exists at City University in Canada. This culture is founded on the idea that practitioner-scholar-based knowledge has a significant role to play in the evolving spectrum of knowledge. Practitioner-scholar-based knowledge features the integration of theory and practice and the recognition that practice constitutes an invaluable test of theory. In the phenomenological pathway to knowledge, the description of practice becomes itself a source of theory generation. Consistent with the university’s Academic Model there is a lively interest in the scholarship of instruction.

The Research Institute at City University supports both student and faculty scholarship by providing funding opportunities, support for management of sponsored research, training on research methodologies and opportunities, and support for publication and presentation of research. 

There are several funds available to support scholarship at CityU:

The Western Canadian Research Fund fosters the research and scholarship of its Administrative faculty, Associate faculty and students in BC and Alberta. In addition to its role in the development of faculty research and scholarship, the fund is intended to enable the university to contribute to the community through research and scholarship.

The Provost Grant also supports faculty scholarship, and preference is given to projects related to doctoral programs. Awards for the Provost Grant are made as funds are available.

Through our affiliation with the National University System, City University faculty have been eligible to apply for Innovation Grants. These grants are focused on innovative curricular or delivery methods that can benefit every student in the National University System. Any faculty member, who wishes to investigate or develop an innovative course/program can apply for these grants and have their research funded for a year.

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