Allan Wade, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator, Master of Counselling Program (Langford, BC)

Allan Wade, Ph.D. is the Program Coordinator for the Masters of Counseling program, Canadian Programs, in Langford B.C.  Allan works part time in private practice as a family therapist and consultant, and part time for City University.

Allan has been with City University of Seattle for 11 years and is continually uplifted and informed by the students who attend, the faculty who instruct, and the administrative staff who carry out the many daily tasks essential to running the Masters of Counseling program.

Allan has been working with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples in Canada for many years.  With Cathy Richardson, Allan has developed and implemented several projects to improve social responses to Indigenous peoples faced with violence and other forms of adversity.  This work, which is informed by collaboration with the Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society and the Yukon Women’s Emergency shelter, is a source of immense and learning and collaboration that is rewarding both professionally and personally.

Courses taught at CityUniversity

  • Introduction to Psychology Practice (CPC 501)
  • Systemic Theory: Diversity and Cultural Psychology (CPC 502)
  • Family System Therapy (CPC 512)
  • Psychology of Sexuality & Human Development (CPC 523)
  • Group Counselling Psychology (CPC 527)
  • Child and Adolescent Counselling (CPC 600)
  • Practicum II, III (CPC 652, 653)


1990-present: Individual, Couple and Family Therapist, Private Practive

1990-1991: Educational Counsellor, Malaspina College

1988-1990: Psychology Instructor, Malaspina College

1987-1988: Therapist (Alcohol & Drugs Program), Ministry of Health

Education and Training

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Victoria, 2000

M.A., Educational Psychology, University of Victoria, 1991

Bachelor of General Studies, Simon Fraser University, 1981

Diploma in Education, Simon Fraser University, 1978


Best Student Paper:  Canadian Psychological Association, Women and Psychology Section.

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