Brenda Rudko, M.A., R.C.C.

Over the past 40 years I have been fortunate enough to experience my work life in a variety of settings. These have included grass roots organizations, places of radical new beginnings, schools, community agencies, private practise, EAP and Child and Youth Mental Health. Over time I have walked alongside many families, children and individuals who are seeking for something better, less constricted and painful and more joyful and connected. After years of rich learning from clients and colleagues, I have been teaching and leading workshops in a number of locations including for the Justice Institute of BC, various organizations and practitioners throughout BC and at City U in both the Clinical Counselling and School Counselling programs. I have been influenced by the practices of the social justice, solution focused and narrative teachers and moved by the efforts of clients and students alike as we all try to “figure it out”.

Courses taught at CityUniversity

  • Child and Adolescent Counselling (CPC 600)


2007-present: Therapist (Child and Youth Mental Health), Boundaries Program & Midtown Team

1995, intermittently-present: Adjunct Faculty, City University of Seattle

2001-2007: Therapist (Adolescent & Child Sexual Health Program), Child and Youth Mental Health- Fraser Region


Master of Arts (Behavioural Sciences), Whitworth College, 1982

Bachelor of Arts (Recreation Administration), University of Alberta, 1973