Brian Fraser, PhD

Associate Faculty (Vancouver)

Brian Fraser has been practicing, studying, and writing about ethical leadership for more than 50 years now.  His academic discipline is Canadian history with a focus on social reform movements.  He earned an honours BA in history for the University of Toronto (1969), an MA in the history of education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (1971), and a PhD in Canadian history from York University under Ramsay Cook (1982).

Prior to coming to City University in Canada (Vancouver campus) in 2020, Brian served as dean of the Presbyterian college at the University of British Columbia, St. Andrew’s Hall, and taught organizational and leadership development at Vancouver School of Theology from 1985-2001.

In 2002, he left the university and established his own consulting and coaching firm, Jazzthink (, through which he used the wit, wisdom, and workings of jazz as a model for flourishing organizations and the leadership best suited to nourishing them.  He has worked across the sectors – for-profit, public, and non-profit.

In 2009, Brian returned to grassroots leadership with a small faith-based organization, Brentwood Presbyterian Church (  That organization has experienced a significant turn-around through a lot of creative collaboration coordinated by Brian and the leadership team there.

Brian has written widely on organizational development and leadership, with a special focus on the non-profit sector.  He has written 3 books from academic presses, numerous articles in academic and refereed journals, and several more in professional and popular publications.   His most recent publication on ethics and leadership is an ebook collection of articles ( on thinking in jazz about leadership.