Dr. Michael Tonderai Kariwo, MA, PhD

Associate Faculty, Master of Counselling (Edmonton)

I joined City University in March 2014 as Associate Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences based in Edmonton. I teach Masters’ students research methodology courses. I am also a Research Associate in the Faculty of Nursing where I undertake research on mental health and vulnerable populations. I have over 20 years of experience in higher education as teacher, researcher and administrator.


My areas of research include mental health and migration as well as public policy analysis.


Articles and Reports

  • Miriam Stewart, Denise L. Spitzer, Kaysi E. Kushner, Edward Shizha, Nicole Letourneau, Edward Makwarimba, Cindy-Lee,Dennis, Michael Kariwo, Knox Makumbe, Jocelyn Edey (2018) Supporting refugee parents of young children: “knowing you’re not alone” International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care.
  • Stewart, M., Dennis, C.L., Kariwo., Kushner, K.E., Letourneau., N., Makumbe, K. Makwarimba, E & Shizha, E. (2014). Challenges faced by refugee new parents from Africa in Canada. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Springer vol. 16 (3) June 2014.
  • Kariwo, M. T.  (2007). Widening Access in Higher Education in Zimbabwe. Higher Education Policy, 20 (1) 45-59
  • Kariwo, M. T, & Makumbe, K. (2013) Supporting the Mental Health of African Refugee Children and New Parents: Experiences of Zimbabwean And Sudanese Refugees. ACCFCR research report, Social Support Research Program, University of Alberta. May 22, 2013


  • Kariwo, M, Asadi, N, EL Bouali, C. (2019). Interrogating Models of Diversity in a Multicultural Environment, New York, Palgrave MacMillan
  • Kariwo Michael, Tatiana Gounko and Joseph Musembi, (eds.) (2014). A Comparative analysis of Higher Education Systems: the issues, challenges and dilemmas. Rotterdam, Sense Publishers. Netherlands. ISBN 978-94-6209-532-8
  • Shizha, E.  & Kariwo, M. T. (2012). Education and Development in Zimbabwe: A Social, Political and Economic Analysis, Rotterdam, Sense, Netherlands


As a university instructor, I believe that my responsibility is to create a positive learning environment for all my students who normally have such diverse backgrounds. I believe strongly in self-actualization and self-realization that comes with effective teaching and learning. As a result, I use predominantly student-centered teaching and learning strategies. I find great rewards in letting students discover new knowledge through participation, discussion and frequent interaction.


I teach the following courses:

  • CPC 514 Research Methods and Statistics (Both the Mixed mode and regular face to face)
  • CPC 520 Qualitative Research Methods in Counselling Psychology, Mixed-Mode
  • CPC 695 Counselling Psychology: Research Project (leading to Capstone)