Jacqueline Walters, M.S.W., Ph.D


Associate Faculty, Master of Counselling and Master of Education Programs

My educational roots are in social work. After obtaining a master’s degree from Wilfred Laurier University in 1980, I relocated to Vancouver from Toronto and became a registered social worker in B.C. I have worked as a clinical social worker, mental health worker, alcohol and drug counsellor, and family therapist in a teenage group home. I worked in a clinical private practice with individuals, couples and families for ten years. In addition I have been involved working on reserve for First Nations Communities throughout British Columbia, and offering counselling to urban First Nations people.

For some time I worked in a non-profit counselling agency and began to become interested more in community work and subsequently volunteered abroad. Throughout the last 30 years I also took time to travel in various parts of the world gaining more life experience through exposure to other cultures. I began to offer workshops and training in family therapy and counselling approaches throughout B.C.

Over the past 12 years I have been teaching a wide variety of courses at City University in Canada.  In the past year I embarked on a doctoral program at Taos Institute. My inquiry pertains to rural educational challenges. I focused in particular on how to foster a love of learning in a small coastal community in Mexico informed by a social/relational constructionist stance.

I am currently engaged in an inquiry related to encouraging learning among rural Mexican scholarship students. I used action research methodology for this inquiry which was informed by a social/relational philosophical stance.
Other areas of interest involve travelling, enjoying the great outdoors in both Vancouver and the gulf islands, gardening and cooking, hiking/walking, kayaking and reading. I manage to continue to find ways to feed my curiousity.

Courses taught at CityUniversity

  • Family Systems Therapy (CPC 512)
  • Brief Therapy Models (CPC 513)
  • Psychology of Trauma and Interpersonal Violence (CPC 522)
  • Group Counselling Psychology (CPC 527)
  • Psychology of Aging (CPC 604)
  • Couple’s Counselling (CPC 606)
  • Practicum (CPC 651, 652, 653)


1985-present: Self-Employed Counsellor

2002-2005: Community Developer, Jewish Family Services

2001-2002: Counsellor, Jewish Family Services

1999-2000: Mental Health Counsellor, Surrey Central Mental Health Clinic


Ph. D in Humanities, Tilburg University, 2015

Master of Social Work (Clinical), Wilfred Laurier University, 1980

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), York University, 2015

Conferences Attended

In the 1980’s I attended many local workshops concerning family therapy.  I spent time in Italy studying with the Milan group and later in Palo Alto at the mental research institute. I attended workshops given by Carl Whittaker, Karl Tomm, Lorraine Wright, George Enns, Virginia Satir, Jay Haley, Michael White, David Epston, Amanda Kamsler, Just Therapy, Allan Jenkins, Therapeutic Conversations, 1, 3, 6., Jonella Bird, Dan Siegel, Andrew Turnoff, and EMDR training. Other conferences included Orcas workshops on Vancouver Island with Jan Bavelas and Lynn Hoffman. More recently I have been attending the Taos Institute workshops in Mexico and the United States.