Laurie McGillivray, B.A. , Ed Cert. ,M.A.

Associate Faculty 

As Associate Faculty I am teaching courses and supporting students and mentors in the M.Ed. in School Counselling program.  I am teaching several practicum/internship cohorts and am teaching the Family Systems course.  My background is in Education and Counselling Psychology.  I have taught adult learners and high school students in various settings and have worked as a therapist and school counsellor for over 25 years.  I started teaching with City University in the fall of 2019.


My Masters research was in the area of stress and coping.   I was specifically interested in stress and coping in high school teachers.  My clinical interests have included stress and traumatic stress.


I view a teacher as a learner who inspires and facilitates learning.  Teachers provide opportunities and direction to practice using theories, concepts and skills.  The teacher brings experience to these opportunities and can provide feedback on the learning experience.  Teachers create a supportive learning environment so adult learners can benefit from the learning opportunities and share the knowledge and professional background they already have as well as expand their learning and experience to deeper and new levels.