Rita Ann Martino, M.S., MFT

Associate Faculty, Master of Counselling (Edmonton)

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist/Pastoral Counselor and Practicum Supervisor. In my role as a Therapist, I work with all populations. My specialty focus is Somatic Experience, Inner child, (attachment theory) Family of Origin and Trauma. My belief is that all of us have the ability to find our “roots” and our wings”.

I returned to school when I was 52 to fulfill a life -long dream of being able to empower others to move forward in life. Sometimes by leaps and sometime by baby steps. I have a deep passion to help others unravel, and recover their “best selves” and to enjoy the fruits of each step of the journey and process. I have worked in treatment centers for the severely mentally ill, in Crisis Intervention in jails, hospitals, working with police, social workers, Doctors, Psychiatrists.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have been employed by two large hospitals in Wisconsin, USA. Five of those years working with the Sexually Abused. In my beginning years at Cornerstone Counselling where I have been employed for 8.5 years, I ran groups for those with Anxiety, Depression, and also Communication for Couples, both on site and at local churches, and community centers.

Supervising Practicum Students

I began Supervising Practicum Students 4 years ago.  This has been a most satisfying and fulfilling role as I have the privilege in participating with their beginning professional careers helping to shape, support, guide, and oversee these students who are facing their first days and weeks of stepping into a room to assess and develop a therapeutic relationship with their clients. Observing their personal and professional growth, building their confidence, and finding their own theoretical modalities.

Supervising Psychologists

I am a contracted off-site Supervisor at Catholic Social Services. I meet for two hours monthly with up to five Therapist’s/ Psychologists. We also meet individually for an hour Bi-Monthly. This has been a growing and developing experience for me, and we, as a team are enriched in our professional lives through our collaboration and client consultations.

CityU Instructor

I began two years ago as a City U Instructor and continue to enjoy this experience and what I am able to impart to the students. This year I have six Practicum students that are so bright, and invested in pursing their professional growth and goals.