Susan Breiddal

Dr. Breiddal lives in Victoria BC. She spent her career in private practice as a counsellor and as a palliative care counsellor, presenter and teacher at Victoria Hospice. One of her interests has been in teamwork, especially in creating communities of care where staff are provided with and participate in emotional support through creative processes. She is presently writing creative non fiction books and articles related to her research with staff who work with the dying and their families.

Courses taught at CityUniversity

  • Psychology of Loss & Grief (CPC 511)
  • Group Counselling Psychology (CPC 527)
  • Research Project/Thesis (CPC 603)


2009-present: Founder, OneHospice

1984-present: Counsellor, Private Practice

1997-present: Counsellor/Trainer/Presenter, Victoria Hospice Society

2000-present: Writer/Publisher/Distibutor, Manual Dexterity Health Canada


Doctorate in Education (Curriculum and Instruction), University of Victoria, 2013

Master of Transpersonal Psychology, Sophia University, 1996

Bachelor of Social Work, University of Victoria, 1982