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Master of Education- Education in Leadership

At CityU we strive to change our students’ lives for good by providing a high-quality program that is flexible, relevant, timely, purposeful, and manageable.  

The program has been approved by the Alberta Minister of Advanced Education upon recommendation of the Campus Alberta Quality Council. 

For current teachers and other professionals, who want to transition into leadership roles, this program supports growth and development. Employing a practitioner-scholar model, the Master of Education-Education in Leadership program prepares students for career options in leadership and management.  

The Master of Education- Education in Leadership in Education program is cohort-based (online and synchronous), enabling a personal focus to occur through research and internship experiences.       

This program is geared toward the practicing professional. The program learning outcomes are:

Program Learning Outcomes

Beyond the learning outcomes listed below—but related to them—is a collection of specific skills, approaches, and attitudes that serve as leadership foundations. 

1) Leadership as a Profession—Understand, develop, and apply the leadership skills and ideas needed to promote educational and organizational reform and successfully lead new initiatives. 

2) Ethical and Legal Issues in Leadership—Analyze, develop, and apply professional ethics to include knowledge of legislation and accountability issues in educational and organizational environments. 

3) Research and Inquiry—Understand, analyze, and promote program improvement and accountability based on in-depth research and inquiry.

4) Data-Informed Decision Making—Find, evaluate, access, and apply research and best practices to inform one’s own practice. 

5) Multicultural and Diversity Awareness—Understand, evaluate, and work effectively with diverse populations, families, colleagues, and organizations. 

6) Assessment Techniques—Select, apply, and interpret a variety of appraisal and assessment techniques for a diverse and inclusive population.

CityU Learning Outcomes

All programs, as well as individual course outcomes are developed with the CityU institutional learning goals in mind. City U’s programs are designed to ensure that students: 

1. Exhibit professional competency and a sense of professional identity; 

2. Have strong communication and interpersonal skills; 

3. Are critical thinkers and are information literate; 

4. Demonstrate a strong commitment to ethical practice and service in their professions and communities; 

5. Demonstrate diverse and global perspectives; and 

6. Are lifelong learners.

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Where CityU Can Take You

Graduates of our program go on to expand their educational reach as curriculum leaders, lead teachers, principals, vice principals, district directors, assistant superintendents, and superintendents. Those who complete our approved program are also candidates for salary upgrades through provincial Teacher Qualification Services.

Delivery Modes

The Master of Education-Education in Leadership program is comprised of 18 courses over a two-year period, including three working internships and a capstone project. Students will complete their studies in a cohort comprised of learners working together under the leadership of faculty members. The program includes three internships where students are mentored by both a CityU faculty member and a school or district-based leaders. All internships are school based. Graduates of the Master of Education- Education in Leadership program have found employment as department or curriculum leaders, vice principals, principals, as well as other professional leadership and management positions.

Currently accepting applications for Spring or Fall Cohorts.

CityU accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a cohort has reached the maximum number of students, waitlisted applications are considered for future cohorts.

English Proficiency Requirements

English is the language of instruction and assessment at CityU. Admission to CityU’s programs includes both academic and language qualifications for all students whose first language is not English.

English knowledge and skills can be demonstrated through official transcripts documenting previous postsecondary experience in English or by achieving an English-language proficiency test minimum standard.

English placement test scores are valid for 2 years from the date of test results.  CityU’s Institutional Placement and Proficiency will be measured by the iTEP (International TEST of English Proficiency).  Scores for all other tests taken outside of CityU must be authenticated by the test publisher (Official Transcripts).

Institutional versions of the tests below are not acceptable. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure their official test results are sent to CityU. Results must come directly from the examining institution to CityU; results uploaded by applicants are NOT official. CityU can receive results electronically, directly from the issuing organization, when possible, as long they are securely sent with a protected password.

An equivalency chart for all CityU recognized measurements of proficiency is provided at the link below:

Ready to Apply?

If you are a certified teacher with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and you’d like to learn more about our Master of Education-Education in Leadership program, contact Veronica Homerour Enrollment Advisor, via phone at 604-305-4497 or email 

This program is online and synchronous and available to all Canadian students.  

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