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Stand Alone Courses

4 Credits, TQS approved

City University offers the following courses as part of the Stand Alone courses:

Level B

Level B The program outlines the qualifications required to administer Level A, B, &C assessment. In this course we will explore the ethical considerations of psychometric assessment, and how to apply the fundamental statistical knowledge required to inform diagnostic decision-making and understand the results of assessments for educational programming and intervention. This is a 6-session program with two practicums offered Saturdays online and synchronously. It takes approximately 12 weeks to complete the full program. The Level B assessment is a stand-alone graduate course that explores a variety of assessment tools, how to use these tools, and how to interpret information based on the assessment findings. The student will gain an understanding of key considerations in sharing information gathered from Level B psychometric assessments and effectively communicating assessment results.  

Successful completion of this course will qualify participants to perform Level B assessments in K-12 schools and it has been recognized by Pearson Canada. 

Individuals registered in this course will need access to Level B assessments. Arrangements to borrow these assessments will need to be made through school district staff; those who work outside of school districts will need to be prepared to contact local agencies/districts to borrow these assessments.    

For more information, or to register contact Dr. Truman Spring,

Foundations in Coaching

In this course, students will develop their skills in using a coach approach when working with all individuals. This is an essential skill for future leaders. Students will also develop their understanding of the foundations of coaching including the principles of coaching, coaching core competencies, and coaching modalities. Students will have guided practice in utilizing a model for guiding coaching conversations that has been successfully used in a variety of areas of leadership.   


Brian Celli and Dwaine Souveny 

April 5/6
April 19/20
May 24/25
May 31/June1
Fridays 6pm-9pm and Saturdays 9am-4pm

Delivery: Online and synchronous through zoom.


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