Financial Services

The pursuit of higher education is a valuable investment in your future that requires a substantial financial commitment. City University offers a variety of funding options for Canadian students, including provincial and federal loans and grants for those who qualify, as well as quarterly needs-based and merit-based scholarships.

Registration period

The official City U registration periods are:

  • November 20 – December 15 for winter quarter
  • February 20 – March 20 for spring quarter
  • May 20 –June 20 for summer quarter
  • August 20- September 20 for fall quarter

The quarterly registration deadline is also the latest day to register and pay full tuition without a recorded payment plan of file. A CAD $ 100 late registration fee applies thereafter.

Standard Tuition Payment

Without an approved payment plan, tuition is due by:

  • Fall quarter: September 20
  • Winter quarter: December 20
  • Spring Quarter: March 20
  • Summer quarter: June 20

 Acceptable payment options

  • Online (credits cards)
  • By mail
    • Personal cheques, certified cheques, money orders or bank drafts
    • Credit cards
  • By phone (credits cards only)
    • In person personal cheques, certified cheques, money orders or bank drafts
    • Credit cards
    • Cash, debit cards, INTERACT
  • Approved third party sponsorship
  • Payment plans ($25/quarter administrative fee plus 3 installments quarterly).

Monthly Payments Option

CityU proposes an interest-free monthly payment option to assist with education expenses. Students may opt to sign up for a payment plan and pay the balance in three (3) installments. You can use a combination of payment methods to pay the balance on your student account.

Tuition is due the 20th of the month prior to the month in which the course begins.  If the payment plan option is chosen a $25.00 non-refundable administration fee will be added to the student’s account. A new agreement must be signed and the $25.00 non-refundable administration fee will apply for each quarter the student wishes to enroll in the payment plan option.


  • Domestic Students Only
  • Current quarter balances only
  • $100 minimum balance to participate

Plan Enrollment Dates

The payment plan will be open for the following dates each quarter. A new payment plan agreement must be completed and signed each quarter the student wishes to participate in the plan.

  • Summer May 20th – June 15th
  • Fall August 20th – September 15th
  • Winter November 20th – December 15th
  • Spring February 20th – March 15th

Payment in full is required if a payment plan agreement is not completed by the end of the open enrollment period.


  • $25.00/quarter non-refundable enrollment fee
  • $25.00 per attempt missed payment charge

Payment Due Dates

  • $25.00 plan administration fee and 30% down payment due at sign up
  • 35% due 20th first month of the quarter
  • 35% due 20th second month of the quarter



Due date





$25.00 non-refundable plan administration and 30% down payment Sept 20* Dec 20* March 20* June 20*
35% of tuition October 20 January 20 April 20 July 20
35% of tuition Nov 20 February 20 May 20 Aug 20

 *The signed agreement due back in the office by Sept 15, Dec 15, Mar 15 or June 15.


A valid credit card is required to initiate a payment plan. By signing the agreement the Student authorizes City University to immediately charge their credit card for the down payment and to charge their credit card the remaining payments on the due dates. Any rejected payment will incur a $25.00 returned payment charge. Rejected payments will be re-attempted on the 5th of the following month.

The payment plan may be cancelled at no additional cost by paying the remaining account balance and notifying City University of Seattle.  The plan agreement is filled out by the student’s advisor and either scanned and emailed or faxed to the student for signature. The student is required to sign the agreement and return the form with an original signature, either in person or by mail to the appropriate address below:

City University of Seattle, Vancouver, BC Site
789 Pender Street, Suite 310
Vancouver, BC V6C 1H3

City University of Seattle, Calgary, AB Site
1040 7th Avenue SW, Suite 120
Calgary, AB T2P 3G9 Canada

Sponsorship (Third Party Billing)

In order to set up third party billing, written authorization must be provided to City University giving the university permission to bill the company or organization.  The payment by the third party is to be sent directly to City University.  Payments sent by the company to the student are not considered third party billing.

A third party authorization can take one of several forms.  It can be a letter of credit, a tuition voucher, or a tuition assistance form.

The authorization should state the following:

  • Who is covered (usually just one student, but it could be more)
  • What the third party is covering (tuition only, period covered, tuition for one particular class,  amount of funding, all fees, etc.) as well as any special billing instructions
  • Where the invoice should be sent

*Include a contact name, phone number and e-mail address

CityU Scholarships

CityU offers two types of scholarships for Canadian students enrolled in any program. Merit-based scholarships are awarded only to students attending programs in the U.S. and Canada and are available to U.S. domestic, Canadian and International Student Office (ISO) students. Merit-Based Scholarships are not awarded to U.S. domestic and International candidates in Summer and Spring Quarter in the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Application deadlines:

Scholarships are reviewed for each of the four quarters of an Academic Year from July 1st through June 30th and awards are applied to tuition only. Complete applications must be received by the Financial Aid Office by the following deadlines:

  • Summer Quarter Attendance (July-September): June 1
  • Fall Quarter Attendance (October-December): September 1
  • Winter Quarter Attendance (January-March): December 1
  • Spring Quarter Attendance (April-June): March 1

Incomplete or late application cannot be considered. Applicants will be notified of awards via CityU email by:

  • Summer Quarter Application: July 1
  • Fall Quarter Application: October 1
  • Winter Quarter Application: January 1
  • Spring Quarter Application: April 1

*Applications will be updated for the next Academic Year in May. Applications for the old Academic Year will not be accepted in the new Academic Year.*

Scholarship recipients’ awards apply only to the specific quarter of the submission award and are directly posted on students’ accounts, thus reducing tuition by the amount awarded. However, students must be enrolled to receive the award.

Need-Based Scholarships – Scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need with some consideration to the written essay. Students applying for need-based scholarships must complete all the components of the application requirements to be considered. Scholarship recipient’s awards apply only to the specific quarter of the submission and are directly posted to the student’s accounts, thus reducing tuition by the amount awarded. However, students must be enrolled to receive the award. The criteria and application for Need-Based Scholarships are listed below:

  • CityU Scholarship Application Form
  • 2019 Tax Assessment
  • A word-processed statement addressing the following three questions:
    • How have you been financing your college education?
    • From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education?
    • State any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance.
  • Financial Statement
  • Must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program or certificate

Merit-Based Scholarships – Scholarships in this category are awarded primarily on the basis of students’ cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) up to their last completed quarter with City University of Seattle (CityU), with some consideration to the essay and academic potential. Applicants must include all the components of the application requirements to be considered. The criteria and application for Merit-Based Scholarships are listed below:

  • CityU Scholarship Application Form
  • Earned at least 40 undergraduate credits at CityU with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or at least 12 graduate credits at CityU with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75
  • A word-processed personal statement addressing the following three questions:
    • Describe your most meaningful achievement and how it relates to your program and your future goals.
    • How has your education contributed to who you are today?
    • Why are you a good candidate to receive this award
  • Professional resume
  • Unofficial copy of your current CityU transcript (available from the Student Portal)

Tuition fees & refunds


Financial Aid for BC, Canada Students

Student loans are interest free government advances designed to assist post-secondary students in paying for their education while they are actively engaged in their studies. This form of financial aid must be repaid upon completion of your degree.  B.C. student loans require that you receive at least 20 hours of instruction each week or a minimum of 60% load or 12 hours per week (40% or 8 hours  for students on disability) to get funding as fulltime student: only eligible students in the full-time format of Master of Counseling program could qualify for full time funding.  Students in the Saturday and the Mixed-Modes setups can only apply for part time students loans.

Watch a repayment presentation video from the National Student Loans Service Centre to understand your options a little better.


Explore overall funding options in BC (refer to the other links below for specifics):

Applying for funding

The process is different for full-time and part-time students:

1)      Fulltime application

  • Application deadline: You can apply for fulltime student funding if you carry a minimum load of 12 credits per term (8 credits for students with disabilities).  Additional information (use the online application for expediency).
  • Additional information available at Student Aid BC
  • Application deadline:  You  apply for full-time student loans up to  6 weeks before your study program ends by providing  all the compulsory documentation.
  • Although you do not need to be actively registered into your study program before applying for student assistance, you will however not receive the money until the University confirms your fulltime enrolled in full-time and the beginning of your study period

2)      Part time

  • The in-class (Saturdays)  and the mixed-mode cohorts of the Master of Counselling  programs are considered part time by this definition and therefore students taking the Mixed-Mode or Saturday program do not qualify for Fulltime Students Loans (Except for students on disability or those who qualify for part time studies).
  •  You can apply for part-time student funding if you taking few  than 12 credits per quarter. Additional information available at Student Aid BC

Maintaining an Interest Free status.  Students with previous loans can prolong their interest free period if they return to school before they grace period. Link here for additional information at Student Aid BC

Repaying your StudentAid BC loan.  Information about how to repay your loan.

Please link here for an important notice on a major change in the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) notification process.

Financial Aid for Alberta, Canada Students

Student Aid Alberta assists eligible Albertan post-secondary students.

Explore overall funding options in AB (refer to the other links below for specifics):

* Notices for students receiving loans

 Other Funding Options

  • Check the Canadian federal government CanLearn website for grants, bursaries and scholarships
  • Use the Canadian government’s Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP), which lets you withdraw repayable amounts from RRSPs to finance training or education; learn more here or consult your financial institution
  • Ask your lender about personal educational loans
  • CityU awards scholarships four times each year. Learn more about scholarships.
  • CityU Seattle scholarships page link
  • CityU Seattle financial aid form download.

Please link here for an important notice on a major change in the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) notification process.