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Tuition and Fees

Financial Policy

Students who enroll at City University of Seattle assume responsibility for the payment of all tuition and fees in accordance with the financial policies set forth below. City University of Seattle reserves the right to change the tuition and fee schedule for any given quarter without prior notice.


All applicants seeking a degree, certificate, or “No Intended Degree” coursework, whether full-time or part-time, submit a City University of Seattle Application form along with a non-refundable application fee.

Other processing fees

For more information about processing fees such as late registration, collection, posting or audition fees please check our Catalogue.

Tuition Rates

The tuition rates listed below are effective for the 2020-21 Academic Year (July 1, 2020– June 30, 2021). Because CityU is a private, nonprofit institution, the costs associated with the operation of the university and its academic programs are supported primarily by tuition and fee revenues. When you enroll at CityU, you assume responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees, in accordance with our financial policies:

  • Tuition is due on the twentieth of every month a student is enrolled, prior to the month in which his or her course begins. All fees are due at the time the cost is incurred.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing course materials and textbooks separately.
  • CityU reserves the right to change tuition and fee schedules for any given term without prior notice. Once a term begins, no changes in tuition or fees will be made for that student that term.
School/ProgramIn CAD$
School of Education Graduate/ Master of Education per Credit$513
School of Arts and Sciences Graduate/ Master of Counselling- per Credit$609
Undergrad Prerequisite for Master of Education – per Credit$120
Undergrad Prerequisite for Master of Counselling – per Credit$120
School of Management/ Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) —per Credit$200
School of Management/ Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM)—per Credit International Student$350
DescriptionIn CAD$
Application Fee-Domestic Student $50
Application Fee-International Student$200
Alumni Audit per Course$450
Apostille Fee$30
Challenge Course Fee$450
Diploma Authentication fee$15
Diploma Re-Issue Fee$50
English Language Testing Fee$70
Final Degree Audit Application Fee$100
Late Registration Fee$100
Official Transcript Fee per copy—Online$13*
Official Transcript Fee per copy—Onsite$18
Prior Learning Portfolio Fee : 0-15 Credits Evaluation (Undergrad. only)$500
Prior Learning Portfolio Fee: 16-30 Credits Evaluation (Undergrad. only)$1000
Prior Learning Portfolio Fee: 31-45 Credits Evaluation (Undergrad. only)$1500

* Online transcript orders are subject to a vendor processing fee.

International Tuition Deposit – Canada

The tuition and fee information listed in the previous section, as noted, is in Canadian dollars. Tuition and fee are subject to change without notice.

The tuition deposit is non-refundable. Any request for a deposit refund is subject to the following conditions:

  • The tuition deposit is non-refundable after the Letter of Acceptance has been issued, unless an application for a study permit has been denied, in which case the refusal letter is required along with the deposit refund request.
  • The deposit will be applied towards the term(s) of enrollment at CityU. Any portion of the deposit not used in the first term will be credited to the student’s second term as a non-refundable payment towards tuition and fees.
  • If a student applicant requests a deposit refund before the Letter of Acceptance has been issued, a $300 handling fee will be charged, which does not include the non-refundable CityU application fee.
  • In the event of visa rejection, a student applicant should expect to wait 15 business days for a deposit refund to be processed. Such refund will be returned to the fee payer directly.

For NEW International Students who paid the required tuition deposit and received a Letter of Acceptance:

Withdrawn from the program BEFORE the classes start in the first term
Status of Study PermitAmount Retained at CityU
Approved100% of the deposit quoted in the Letter of Acceptance
Withdrawn from the program AFTER the classes start in first term
At any point after the first day of classes in the first quarter as listed on the Enrollment Agreement100% of total fee under agreement

Returned Check Handling Fee

If for any reason a check made payable to City University of Seattle is returned or found uncollectible, the tuition (or fees) affected will be deemed unpaid. In addition, the University imposes a $25 handling charge on all non-sufficient funds (NSF) or uncollectible checks.

(Policy #2400.10)

Refund Dates 2021-2022

Summer 2021
SessionLast Day to Withdraw100% Refund Due50% Refund Due0% Refund Due
10-Week SessionAug 29Through Jul 11Jul 12-25Jul 26 & after
5-Week I SessionAug 1Through Jul 5Jul 6-11Jul 12 & after
5-Week II SessionSep 12Through Aug 16Aug 17-22Aug 23 & after
Fall 2021
SessionLast Day to Withdraw100% Refund Due50% Refund Due0% Refund Due
10-Week SessionNov 28Through Oct 10Oct 11-24Oct 25 & after
5-Week I SessionOct 31Through Oct 4Oct 5-10Oct 11 & after
5-Week II SessionDec 12Through Nov 15Nov 16-21Nov 22 & after
Winter 2022
SessionLast Day to Withdraw100% Refund Due50% Refund Due0% Refund Due
10-Week SessionMar 6Through Jan 16Jan 17-30Jan 31 & after
5-Week I SessionFeb 6Through Jan 10Jan 11-16Jan 17 & after
5-Week II SessionMar 20Through Feb 21Feb 22-27Feb 28 & after
Spring 2022
SessionLast Day to Withdraw100% Refund Due50% Refund Due0% Refund Due
10-Week SessionJun 5Through Apr 17Apr 18-24Apr 25 & after
5-Week I SessionMay 8Through Apr 11Apr 11-17Apr 18 & after
5-Week II SessionJun 19Through May 23May 24-29May 30 & after

For more detailed International Students tuition information, please visit our International Students page.

For more information about CityU’s Refund Policy please click here

Questions about tuition? Contact an Academic Advisor.

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