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Advanced Clinical Supervision


Facilitator  –  Janet White, BA, MS, RCC-CS

SEPTEMBER 18TH 2021, 10:00am  to  2:00pm

This interactive 4 hour workshop looks at advanced topics in Clinical Supervision and is designed to augment a foundational course in Clinical Supervision that you have already taken.  Together we consider how best to deal with challenges in Clinical Supervision in a way that is most respectful, and helpful, to those we are supervising.  For example, when the ability to self reflect is not evident or biases are unrecognized.

Class size is limited to 18 to allow for small group discussion giving participants an opportunity to consider how the skills apply to different situations. 

Fee: $149.00 for participants who have completed 30-hour foundational Clinical Supervision course with Janet White.  $175.00 for participants who attest they have received previous Clinical Supervision Training. 

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