Alberta MEd students celebrate at Tiffany’s Restaurant in Red Deer

Many faculty, students and their spouses who shared the two year journey, were on hand to celebrate with our CityU MEd students recently for the completion of their Masters degree studies. The event was held at Tiffany’s Restaurant in Red Deer. Dr. Jill Taggart spoke to the audience and congratulated the students on their hard work, their perseverance, and how they had done such a fine job. Students had shared their portfolio exit presentations on Monday and Tuesday. All of the students did a fabulous job of sharing their journeys. Dr. Henderson also congratulated the students and was emcee for the program.

Students spoke to each other and to the faculty on Tuesday night – not only sharing their experiences and the many laughs they had, but also sharing a student survival kit, containing some entertaining items and descriptions, which provided much entertainment for those in attendance.


Pictured here are students explaining the “student survival kit” contents and application.

Dr. Jill Taggart and Dr. Heather Henderson look on, as the entertainment unfolds…

We were thrilled to see students and in many cases their spouses in attendance to support and celebrate the accomplishments. Congratulations class of 2018! We are all proud of your accomplishments!