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Alberta Spring 2022 Term Return to Campus Announcement

Throughout the pandemic, CityU in Canada, has been working diligently to plan for and facilitate a safe return to campus for all students, faculty, and staff. While our British Columbia students, faculty, and staff returned to on campus learning in January 2022, our Alberta students remained virtual for the Winter 2022 term. However, the recent change within the Alberta public health mandates provides the opportunity to return to in-person, on campus learning for all our Alberta programs beginning with the spring 2022 quarter. 

We are pleased to announce that CityU in Canada, Alberta programs, will be transitioning back to the provision of on-campus in-person learning during the spring term, with the majority of courses being scheduled in-person, on-campus. During the transition some select classes will continue to be held virtually for the spring, and local program directors will be following up with the students of those courses that can expect an alternative delivery to the on-campus in-person experience. This notification would occur on a per-course basis. It is important to note that students can expect to return to campus for all courses unless otherwise specifically notified. 

As we work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our staff, faculty, and students we recognize that there may be some individuals who may require additional support or accommodation due to medical concerns. Should you require accommodations, or support specific to your individual needs, please reach out to your local program director to discuss this further. 

We are all in a fluid and evolving situation as we work towards the return to in-person on-campus learning. The dynamic nature of our current situation is no doubt a source of concern for many of us who seek certainty. At minimum, CityU in Canada will continue to ensure that we adhere to all provincial health and government requirements, and we will make timely announcements when and if new information or mandates are received. As an institution, CityU in Canada takes seriously our ethic of care and responsibility to those in the broader community.  Given current public health measures within Alberta, during our return to campus transition we ask all students and faculty to adhere to the highest standard and ethic of care for self and others. To that end, the following protocols are in place for all Alberta programs:

1.    Strongly encouraged continuous use of masks in common areas and classrooms. Students and Faculty at the Edmonton campus are still required to wear masks until such time as the city of Edmonton mask by-law no longer remains in effect. 
2.    A requirement to refrain from attending campus in the event of experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms. 
3.    Adherence to mandatory quarantine requirements, based upon vaccination status, for those who have contracted Covid-19.
4.    Adherence to local directives regarding attendance, hybrid learning, and personal responsibility for attending to all code of conduct requirements. 
5.    Collaborative efforts to reduce traffic congestion, decrease crowding, and enhance cleaning. 

 We appreciate that staff and students may have questions pertaining to campus specific protocols for the return to in-person on campus learning.  Further information regarding campus entry and exit processes and cleaning protocols will be sent out to spring quarter faculty and students in the coming weeks. Please watch your emails carefully.

As we approach the start of the spring quarter, we ask that you embrace all in the CityU learning community with respect for the dignity of all, responsible caring, integrity in relationships, kindness, and patience. CityU in Canada faculty and staff are excited to welcome Alberta students onsite this spring! 

Stay safe,

Steve Conway, PsyD
Vice President, Canadian Programs

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