General Education Requirements for the BAM Program

Lower Division General Education Requirements:

CityU accepts transfer credit from all accredited institutions.  To start the BAM program, we generally require that entering students have 60 semester credits (90 quarter credits) in lower division courses.   Of these, we require at least 12 semester credits (15 quarter credits) to be general education courses as noted below and one to be college level math (3 semester credits/5 quarter credits).

General education requirements ( 15 semester credits/ 25 quarter credits)

Humanities – 15 credits

Social Sciences –15 credits

Natural Sciences –15 credits

College composition/writing (with a research paper) – 5 credits

College level math – 5 credits

Electives – 35 credits

For a more detailed list of eligible course, please click here.

The remaining credits can be in any lower division electives. A grade of 2.0/C or higher is required for the course to transfer. CityU also accepts credits earned through passing the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams.  Our advising team will work with you to get your transcripts, evaluate the coursework you completed, and discuss how your prior education applies to our program.

If you have completed 60 semester credits (90 quarter credits) but are missing specific requirements as listed above, you may still successfully apply to the BAM program.  You would be required to complete these specific requirements, in addition to the BAM upper division courses, before you would be eligible to graduate with your BAM degree.

If you have completed less than 60 semester credit hours (90 quarter credits) and have significant work experience, you may be eligible to receive course credit for your work experience through a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).  If this applies to you, please review our information sheet for more details.

CityU also accepts credits earned through passing the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. Please contact us at for details.