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Updates on BAM Student Activities

 On August 18, 2023, our faculty member, Vicky Nie, provided a talk on export and import procedures in Canada to several BAM students interested in exploring the business of cross-border trading. With much experience in this field, Vicky explained the procedures, guidelines, programs, and services related to the importation and exportation of products to and …

Student Aid in BC

StudentAid BC has created a series of YouTube videos to help students learn about the student financial assistance journey from start to finish. Some of the topics you can find are: ✔️ What is StudentAid BC?✔️ Before you apply to StudentAid BC✔️ How to create your StudentAid BC account✔️ How much student funding I can get✔️ How repayment works for …

Truth and Reconciliation Week: Day 4 

As Truth and Reconciliation Week at CityU comes to a close, it is important to acknowledge that Truth and Reconciliation consists of a shared history and a shared future. We must all commit to being active participants in creating change.  This week space was held to talk about the historic and on-going impacts colonization and …

Truth and Reconciliation Week: Day 3 

Decolonizing and indigenizing are terms that are often intertwined with meaningful Truth and Reconciliation. These terms represent a focus on belonging, building a future where the rich and diverse cultures of Indigenous peoples are honoured and celebrated in all spaces.  Today’s Indigenous voices will focus on sharing what indigenizing and decolonizing looks like and how …

Truth and Reconciliation Week: Day 2 

In response to yesterday’s sharing of the truth, the voices shared today will focus on the reconciliation of Truth and Reconciliation. It is important that both sides of this term are recognized as they are both necessary to building a harmonious future. Acknowledging and accepting the truth must come first as reconciliation is a commitment …

Great news for the Master of Counselling Virtual Program

We’re excited to announce that CityU Canada’s Master of Counselling Virtual Campus has been formally recognized by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).  All recognized programs are rigorously assessed by CRPO, to ensure they meet the minimum education requirements for registration. City U graduates in Ontario may now fast-track their CRPO applications, as …

Assessing the Effectiveness of Leadership

Development Programs in Enhancing Educational Leaders’ Skills and Performance Heather Henderson and Truman Spring Introduction Strong leadership is the driving force that propels institutions towards excellence in the ever-changing world of education (Smith, 2022). Educational leaders have a significant impact on the future of students, teachers, and the learning environment as a whole. As the …

Micro-Credentials in Higher Education

Unlocking Opportunities for Lifelong Learning Heather Henderson, Truman Spring & Gloria Antifaiff Introduction: Micro-credentials are garnering considerable attention in recent years as an alterative credential in higher education, offering short, focused, and stackable learning experiences. They have gained popularity as an alternative pathway for learners, providing flexibility and recognition of specific skills and competencies through …

Ensuring Sustainability and Security for the Philippine Water Sector

Dr. Philamer Torio’s Participation in the Forum Entitled ” Philippine Water Management Agenda: Ensuring Sustainability and Security” While the Philippines is endowed with an abundance of rainfall, it is still beset by problems of water scarcity and insecurity. Towards this end, the Philippine government created the Water Resources Management Office to integrate and harmonize the …

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