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Graduation Celebration 2023

The CityU family celebrated the success of our new graduates. Students, family, friends and faculty gathered together at the Croatian Centre in Vancouver. It was a great evening full of joy and smiles. Congratulations to all the 2023 graduates. …

It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Thank you for joining us in learning more about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada during National Indigenous History Month. Let’s end this series (but not our learning) with a celebration of the over 1.8 million First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada! This is a day to acknowledge and learn more about …

Honouring Indigenous History Month: Métis  

It’s time for another week of learning for Indigenous History Month. This week we will be dedicating our time to learning about the unique culture and history of the Métis peoples.  A Brief History:  Métis nation began in the 1600’s with the beginning of the fur trade and the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Company …

Honouring Indigenous History Month: The Inuit 

In recognition of the significance of National Indigenous History Month we are creating a space to learn more about our shared histories and to celebrate the diversity among First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. This week let’s spend time engaging with Inuit histories, knowledges, and cultures.  A Brief (Early) History:  The Inuit have stewarded the …

June is National Indigenous History Month

CityU would like to honour National Indigenous History Month by creating spaces to celebrate Indigenous peoples and to learn more about our shared history.  Through the month of June we will be sharing resources that provide different ways of learning more about First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. It is with gratitude that we honour …

May 11th: Moose Hide Campaign Day 

On May 11th, you are invited to wear a small square of moose hide over your heart as a commitment to advocating against domestic and gender-based violence. Since beginning as a grass roots movement over 10 years ago in B.C., the Moose Hide Campaign has become a nationwide movement that has distributed over 3 million …

Red Dress Day

May 5th: The National Day of Awareness and Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirits (MMIWG2S)   Red Dress Day is to acknowledge and honour the over 4,000 missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two spirits in Canada since 1980. Take pause today. Commemorate the many Indigenous women, girls, and two …

Does Personality Type Effect Your Approach to Leadership Coaching?

Effective leadership coaching is vital for the growth and development of individuals in leadership roles. While a coach’s personality traits may play a role in coaching effectiveness, research has shown that other factors such as coaching competencies, feedback, and the client-coach relationship are more important (Kochanska, 2021). Coaching competencies are essential for effective leadership coaching. …

PDGIA Conference

CityU Canada Indigenous Campus Advocate Jalissa Schmidt presents at the 2023 PDGIA Conference  The 2023 Private Degree Granting Institutions Association (PDGIA) conference was held on March 30, 2023. This 3rd PDGIA Annual Conference organized was an in-person event hosted by the Acsenda School of Management in Downtown Vancouver. Dr Thomas Gomes of Acsenda School of …

Updates on BAM Student Activities

On January 23, 2023, Dr. Ali Noorafshan conducted a workshop to familiarize the BAM students with Canadian financial products and services, particularly those related to savings and investments. Using an interactive learning format, the workshop allowed students to examine possible investment options by simulating different scenarios of investments. At the end of the Winter 2023 …

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