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Capstone Conversations: An Evening of Sharing

This year, on June 17 – 18, City University of Seattle presents: The Annual Capstone (UN) Conference.

We called it an (Un)conference because it is a community event that provides an opportunity to share what students have learned from working on their Capstone. This year, we have expanded the presentation options to reflect more dynamic and diverse ways to share student work and we have adopted the name, (Un)Conference, to reflect this movement beyond traditional academic conference formats.

The 2022 Capstone (UN) Conference, as a rite of passage for Master’s Candidates here at City University, welcomes the families, friends, faculty, mentors, and broader community of counsellors associated with our graduating class to join in on this opportunity to honor and learn from the presenters.

The focus of this event is to celebrate the research of graduate students who will soon be completing their scholarly training and will be entering the mental health field as counsellors.  The capstone project is the culmination of an intensive research process of review, collection, and curation of empirical findings on the topic chosen by each student.  Each capstone presented at this conference aims to showcase up-to-date research on a particular and specialized and offers an opportunity for our up-and-coming professionals to disseminate both their findings and the applications to the clinical work of therapists.

During the event, attendees will be welcomed to choose among various sessions and workshop style discussions to attend. This year, the Capstone Conference is being offered virtually and can be accessed remotely via our online platform.

Please click on the link Conference Registration Form to RSVP to the conference!

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