CityU Alumni Peggy Yu publishes her first book

Peggy Yu is an alumni of the MC program from BC 11 cohort in Vancouver.

She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Registered Acupuncturist who has dedicated her life to helping people. She has held various positions in programs funded by the Canadian government, including as a liaison for immigrant settlement programs, a family therapist, and as an Addiction Clinical Counsellor. She has also volunteered as a Victim Services Support Worker for at the local police department. Peggy’s work is based in the mind-body connection, the inherent neutrality of emotions, and that it is always better to treat the root cause rather than just the symptoms. In her free time, Peggy enjoys hiking with her therapy dog, Smokey.

Peggy recently co-authored a book called “Heart & Soul” and would like to share with the community of CityU.

The book is filled with courageous stories and inspiring lessons. Each of the authors has made a shift that changed her life. It may have happened over many years and with many tiny shifts or it may have come with a huge A-ha and one big change. Either way, the profundity of the change has brought about a welcome new awareness and way of being for them. These stories explore many emotions, life experiences, and transformation.

Heart and Soul explores the topics of:

  • Forgiveness is a path to joy, contentment, and peace
  • Consciously awaken your creativity within
  • Call on your angels and guides who are always with you
  • Loss, abuse, and tragedy can be healed, and you can thrive
  • Recognize the teachers and lessons in your midst
  • Living authentically will align you with your soul’s calling
  • Your faith will lift you up and become a beacon for others
  • Release fear and darkness to allow your bright future
  • Love is the great elixir; open your heart and let it in

Heart and Soul launches on November 14, 2018. 

Visit Peggy’s profile for her involvement in the book.

Congratulations on becoming an Amazon #1 Bestseller Peggy!