CityU Canada students Gulnara Omar and Sharleen Uy making a difference in the community

We’re always thrilled to hear of the great work our CityU students do out in the community. We recently received a note from Koyali Burman who is the Community Engagement Officer at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House. She wanted to express her gratitude for CityU students and how their education had prepared them so well for bringing great value to the community that they will be working and living in after graduation. Sometimes it’s best to just quote directly, so with Koyali’s permission, we’ve shared her feedback:

“We have had very successful trainings for our community members this summer and I wanted to share my feedback with you. During the community events two of your students took initiative to create and facilitate group trainings. Gulnara Omar was the main presenter and Sharleen Uy was the meditation facilitator. Gulnarahas provided exceptional contributions to the community groups of South Vancouver Neighbourhood House through her knowledge during June and July. She is an insightful, sensitive and hardworking student who has dedicated to bring changes in the lives of the individuals in the community by helping them address life challenges and positive thinking. Gulnara has offered two training sessions on the following topics: 1) How to Manage Stress and Stay Happy 2) Managing Money and Understanding Psychology of Money. Ten of her clients were single mothers who came to the training sessions organized in June and July and engaged with the group very enthusiastically. Sharleen Uy offered meditation tools at the sessions and helped the participants to calm down, breathe deeply and focus on a particular goal in their life. Even a small amount of meditation can alter brain functioning. She had created a very relaxed environment for the group. Participants took back from the session some meditation tools to practice at home. Gulnara’s clients were unique, and all of them have one thing in common: they are prepared to try something new and to do something different. They came out of the training session with a new way of thinking, new perspective and new action. Her practicum placement at the Neighbourhood is very rewarding for the local community. City University of Seattle is creating a positive impact in the community by placing counselling students at the Neighbourhood House and addressing our service delivery needs. It’s a wonderful model for capacity building in the organization and in the community through counselling, knowledge and support.”

Counselling education at CityU Canada aims to prepare students for real world situations both through classroom discussion and practicum placement, combining theory into practice. Receiving feedback like this of course is always wonderful, but it’s the impact of our students on the communities that they serve which we are most grateful for.

Thank you Gulnara and Sharleen for representing CityU Canada work and our community values so brilliantly. We are proud of you!