CityU Master of Counselling graduate Gillian Meghan Walters publishes her second children’s book

Mascot Books Publishes King Zoom the Vegan Kid: Animals Used for Food РBy Gillian Meghan Walters

Here’s what publisher Mascot Books had to say about Gillian’s book:

Most children are taught to take the best care of their companion animals, but at the same time, we live in a society that teaches us that it is okay to eat pigs for breakfast, chickens for lunch, and cows for dinner. It is estimated that 60 billion land animals and 90 billion marine animals are killed for food each year. These numbers do not include the millions of animals killed in other areas of exploitation. Find out how King Zoom makes sense of this and what you can do to help save animals.

Gillian Meghan Walters is an artist, author, activist, Registered Clinical Counselor, and most importantly, a mother. She lives with her son, King Zoom, and their rescued boxer dog, Ms. Paisley, in beautiful, British Columbia, Canada.

When I read, King Zoom the Vegan Kid, Animals used for food, I felt a deep sense of calm come over me, realizing that a vegan world is just around the corner. When a young person has such insight into the wrongs we have inflicted on animals and shows us how we can end this by making kinder choices, we truly are stepping into the world we all wish to belong to – a vegan utopia.

He explains the facts about animal suffering in a way that immediately encourages empathy whilst simultaneously sharing the animals’ experiences through their own stories of how unnatural their lives are. The imagery throughout the book captures the imagination without traumatizing the reader, allowing them to keep reading whilst truly imagining living in a kinder world we all have a part in creating. I believe this book is a powerful addition to the vegan movement which I would like to see in schools and homes around the world. – Clare Mann, Psychologist and Author of Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World

This is a book that is much needed for older kids since most vegan-themed books out there are for the very little ones. I appreciate how this book is very clear and honest about all of the problems associated with our exploitation of non-human animals, but it is written in a compassionate and non-shaming way. Kids are capable of understanding so much more than they are given credit for, and the concepts presented in this book are presented in a way that are easy to digest. I also really appreciate how there are sections for self-care and how to get involved and be an activist at any age. I have heard so many parents who are looking for a resource to try to help their kids understand veganism, and this book fits the bill quite nicely! – Casey Taft, Ph.D. Co-founder, Vegan Publishers

You can contact the author or follow her on social media at: @gillianmeghanmindfulness