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Instructions: Please use this application if you are a current Canadian citizen or permanent resident and wish to earn a bachelor's degree, master's degree or a graduate certificate. A mandatory CAD $50 application fee is required. IN ADDITION TO THIS APPLICATION, YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTS DEPENDING YOUR CHOSEN ACADEMIC PROGRAM. Note: Your privacy is very important to us. To better serve you, the form information you enter is recorded in real time.

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When created, your CityU email address will follow the protocol: legal last name legal first name. Once an email is generated it cannot be changed. If you wish your CityU email address to have your preferred name and not your legal name, please make sure to enter your preferred name in the section below.

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This application is intended for Canadian residents only. If you are an international student applying to study in the Canadian on a student visa, please use our international application.

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As a U.S. institution, this data is reported in aggregate to the U.S. Department of Education. It us used to determine the effectiveness of efforts to provide equal opportunity to education. These are U.S. federally designated categories.
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology is collecting this personal information pursuant to section 33(c) of the FOIP Act as the information relates directly to and is necessary to meet its mandate and responsibilities to measure system effectiveness over time and develop policies, programs, and services to improve Aboriginal learner success. For future information or if you have questions regarding the collection activity, please contact the Office of the Director, Business Operations & Reporting, System Capacity and Development Branch, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, 10155-102 Street, Edmonton AB T5J 4L5, (780) 427-7145.
Price: $ 50.00
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