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Dear CityU in Canada Community,

Every year, CityU presents The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award is given to an Associate Faculty member who has made significant, lasting contributions to the reputation and quality of the University’s programs. These instructors are recognized by our students and faculty for their proactive and consistent provision of quality teaching that incorporates best practices from CityU’s academic model. I am pleased to report that Canadian Associate Faculty member, Dr. Charles Scott will be awarded The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Commencement ceremony in 2022 held on June 25, in Seattle, Washington. CityU’s success in Canada is in so many ways dependent upon the talents and gifts of Associate Faculty like Charles. 

Dr. Scott has been teaching at CityU since the fall of 2007 in the British Columbia MEd in Leadership Program. Charles has a distinct focus on helping students be successful, rooted in his background as an entrepreneur and scholar. As a practicing academic, Charles has an intimate knowledge of leadership, and shares both his own expertise to ensure students are well-rounded in both theoretical and experiential knowledge. As a role model and a lifelong learner, himself, Charles is constantly reflecting on his practice and is comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance for additional learning. Charles is extremely helpful to students, and he always makes time for any questions they have regarding their work and studies he possesses the gift to make difficult ideas accessible. Dr. Scott sets a positive tone by being kind and patient, building the people he works with, and helping them see the growth and potential they have. In addition, Charles is always more than willing to jump in when asked to provide support for CityU or its colleagues.

As a champion of the CityU MEd Leadership Program, Dr. Scott motivates up-and-coming leaders at his schools with his passion and engagement. Please join me in congratulating Charles Scott for his accomplishments.

Kind Regards,


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