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Dear CityU in Canada community,

Every year CityU presents The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.  This award is presented to Principal Faculty who have demonstrated significant and sustained contributions to the reputation and quality of the university’s programs. These instructors are recognized by our students and faculty as demonstrating active and continuous high-quality instruction that integrates best practices of the CityU Academic Model.

I am proud to announce that this year, Canadian Associate Faculty Dr. Gloria Antifaiff will be presented The President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at the 2022 Commencement Ceremony held in Seattle on June 25th. The success of CityU in Canada relies in so many ways on the talents and gifts of Associate Faculty such as Gloria. Gloria has been teaching for CityU in Alberta’s MEd Leadership program since the Fall of 2015. Even though she has a heavy teaching load, Dr. Antifaiff always makes the time to meet the needs of her students. Gloria has a clear focus on helping students succeed which is founded in his past experiences as a school district superintendent, school principal, a college Dean, and a K-12 consultant. As a practitioner scholar, Gloria has a deep understanding of K-12 education and shares both her knowledge and expertise so that students can blend their learning in both theory and practical knowledge. Also, as a role model and lifelong learner, herself, Gloria always reflects on her own practice and is comfortable asking questions and seeking advice to gain further learning. Gloria is very helpful to students and always makes time for all their questions regarding their work and research. Not only is Gloria accessible to her students, but she is also always more than willing to step up when asked to support CityU or her colleagues. As an advocate for the CityU MEd in Leadership program, Dr. Antifaiff inspires upcoming school-based leaders with passion and commitment. 

Dr. Antifaiff is an outstanding educator, a well-respected leader, and a mentor to her students and other faculty members. There has never been a time that Dr. Antifaiff has not ‘stepped up’ and offered to teach more classes, be actively involved in research and other projects, as well as take a key role in being a contributor to the City University MEd in Leadership program.

Please join me in congratulating Gloria Antifaiff on her achievement!

Kind Regards,


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