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Coaching for leaders

Brian Celli
Dwaine Souveny

Delivery Mode:
Mode: On-line synchronous


Within a small group atmosphere participants will:

  • Gain an appreciation of how cognitive coaching, instructional coaching, and solution-based positive psychology skills can be blended together to identify goals, recognize opportunities to achieve those goals, work through obstacles, take the steps necessary and celebrate success.
  • Understand coaching and how it can positively impact those who are being coached.
  • Become skilled at using a coaching model that has been used effectively with business leaders, educational administrators, teachers, and consultants.
  • Gain knowledge of the eleven core competencies of being an effective coach.
  • Have opportunities for guided practice and feedback in the use of coaching skills, and
  • Receive additional opportunities for collaboration, communication, and professional growth from each other in a rich learning environment.

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