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Computer, Internet Access, and Email Account Requirement

City University in Canada requires every student to own or have access to a computer that is capable of performing University functions according to technology standards set by the University. Technology standards are posted on the portal’s Student Help Center under Common Issues/Problems, may include program-specific requirements, and are updated annually.

Each student is required to maintain a City University in Canada account in order to access the portal, online courses, email and other University resources. Additionally, to facilitate consistent quality in curriculum, instruction, and information security, City University in Canada requires all of its courses to use the Brightspace Learning Management System for course communication and assessment.

The portal and email are the primary channels of communication of official University correspondence, such as but not limited to policy changes, billing notices, registration notification, guidelines, and any information considered important. Students are required to access their email on a frequent basis to ensure they view these communications. Failure to do so does not constitute a failure to receive the communications.

Students are expected to maintain the security of their City University in Canada account and should not divulge their user name and password to others. For additional information, see the “Information Technology Resources Code of Conduct Policy for Students.”

Students may elect to forward their CityU email to a non-CityU email account at their own risk. CityU neither guarantees nor takes responsibility for the delivery, security or privacy of email messages once they leave the CityU network or CityU hosted services.

(Policy #2300.17)

For more information please visit the CityU Catalog

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