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Cost of Living

This section provides an idea of a single student’s moderate standard of living (amounts in Canadian dollars):

Housing (2 bedroom apartment with utilities shared by two)$700 per month
Food$300 per month
Miscellaneous (personal & health, clothing, household items, communication, etc)$200 per month
Public transportation$100 per month
Total Monty Expenses (TME)$1.300 per month
Annual cost of living (TME multiply by 12 months)$ 15.600 per year
+ the Average Estimated tuition 
Year 1 Tuition
Master of Counselling$34.000
Bachelor of Arts of Management$21.000
Year 2 Tuition
Master of Counselling$10.000
Bachelor of Arts of Management$11.000
+ the Average cost of books and supplies$ 2,500 per year
Year 1
Master of Counselling$52.100
Bachelor of Arts in Management $39.100
Year 2 MC BAM
Master of Counselling$37.000
Bachelor of Arts in Management$28.000
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