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Counselling Climate Distress

Many people find that becoming aware of the climate crisis and its increasing manifestations in the form of heat waves, fires, floods, drought and other extreme weather events distressing. Understandable feelings of grief, anxiety and anger arise and can invite hopelessness and despair.  These reactions can be compounded by intersecting problems in areas such as social justice, indigenous reconciliation, economic insecurity and a changing international landscape.

Helping people to live with dignity and joy in the context of these circumstances is one of the greatest challenges facing the profession of counselling. Following the groundbreaking work of Johanna Macy and incorporating elements from narrative practice, systems therapy and Buddhist psychology this course is designed to equip participants with perspectives and practices that they will find helpful in counselling people who are experiencing distress about the climate crisis.

This course will help participants:

  • Become familiar with their range of responses to the climate crisis
  • Develop a foundation in thought and practice to assist persons who come to counselling with distress about this crisis
  • Give counsel to people using an emerging set of practices specifically attuned to the unique parameters of this crisis
  • Continue to prepare themselves, their loved ones and colleagues to face this crisis
  • Build a community with other practitioners who are involved in this critical work

Offered by Arden Henley and Friends. Arden is the founding Board Chair and current Executive Director of the Green Technology Education Centre. He has over 40 years of experience as a counsellor, organization development consultant, international presenter, and educator. Prior to his work at GTEC he co-founded City University in Canada’s widely successful Master of Counselling degree program eventually becoming a Vice President of the University. Arden will be unable to resist bringing in other prominent practitioners to supplement this unique educational experience.

Sep 23, 30, Oct 7, 14

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