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At the border (upon arrival in Canada)

On arrival to Canada, you will be greeted by a Canada Border Services Officer. Be prepared to present the following:

  • a valid study permit, or a study permit approval (letter of introduction) from IRCC dated on or before March 18, 2020, or a study permit approval (letter of introduction) if you are coming from the United States,
  • proof that your travel to Canada is essential (e.g. proof that you are already residing and studying in Canada, document stating your courses are being offered in person, etc.). The onus is on you to prove your travel to Canada is essential and non-discretionary,
  • a copy of your self-isolation plan,
  • valid entry document (temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization, if required),
  • valid passport or other travel document,
  • admission letter from City University in Canada or verification of enrolment from City University in Canada, and
  • documents to show proof of sufficient funds to study in Canada

Based on your letter of introduction, the officer will issue your study permit.

After arrival, proceed directly to your place of stay for the duration of your self-isolation period (14 days). Make use of the resources, supports and programming that are available to students in self-isolation.

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