Dr Patrick Reid-Stewart’s lecture in Langley

We were pleased to have Dr. Patrick Reid-Stewart give a lecture in Langley last Saturday. His presentation for our Leadership and Counselling Diverse Cultures in Education course was very impressive and interesting.

Dr Stewart is a member of the Killerwhale House of Daaxan of the Nisga’a Village of Gingolx. His traditional Nisga’a name is Luugigyoo. Patrick completed his PhD (2015) at the University of British Columbia.  The title of his dissertation is, “indigenous architecture through indigenous knowledge: dim sagalts`apkw nisim (sic)”. He is the Chair of the Provincial Aboriginal Homelessness Committee and Chair of the Indigenous Communities Sustainable Design Task Force for the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.



He and his wife, Linda, found an appetite for authentically made indigenous footwear that is crafted and sourced locally. Linda makes the boots; their son provides the Cree designs and Patrick provides the Nisga’a artwork for the boots. Many prominent Aboriginal actors and musicians have been wearing their footwear, which has been wonderful publicity.

You can view their boots at www.creenisgaa.com

Leadership and Counselling Diverse Cultures in Education Course: The course explores the implications of cultural and diversity issues in the school environment. Candidates learn to build their cultural proficiency as well as deepen their self-awareness regarding their own culture and world view. Candidates develop strategies that can be used in the school to promote the emotional and physical well-being of all students and the climate of the school as a place for learning.

Thanks to Dr. Stewart for your presence and for sharing your knowledge with all of us.