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Ensuring Sustainability and Security for the Philippine Water Sector

Dr. Philamer Torio’s Participation in the Forum Entitled ” Philippine Water Management Agenda: Ensuring Sustainability and Security”

While the Philippines is endowed with an abundance of rainfall, it is still beset by problems of water scarcity and insecurity. Towards this end, the Philippine government created the Water Resources Management Office to integrate and harmonize the functions and regulatory activities of about 32 government agencies that are involved in the water sector.

On July 17, 2023, Stratbase ADRI Institute, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Philippine Business for Environmental Stewardship organized a hybrid event in Manila, entitled “Philippine Water Management Agenda: Ensuring Sustainability and Security”, to discuss possible programs that will improve water resource management and ensure a water-secure Philippines .

The event, which brought together key stakeholders to discuss the country’s water management agenda, included Dr. Philamer Torio, CityU Canada’s Associate BAM Program Director, who discussed the role of the private sector in ensuring universal access to adequate, safe, and affordable water services.

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