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Virtue Ethics and the Power of Leadership Exemplars 

Dr. Richard Jackson Major Biography

Richard has lived on four continents and worked in Human Resources for the past 20 years in global, complex and

fast-pace environments. Before coming to HR, Richard was a small business entrepreneur for 8 years, as an

antique dealer and then a building contractor. He then went back to school at age 30 to study computing and

directed IT-services and training delivery for 5 years. At age 35, he finally decided what he wanted to do when he

would grow up, and went back to school, obtaining two master’s degrees in Human Resources and Organizational

Development from IAE Aix en Provence Graduate School of Management in France.

As Director and Vice President of Human Resources for multinational corporations such as Hewlett Packard or

Solectron, in Europe and the US, he started, developed, reorganized, sold, merged and closed various business

units around the world. His last position covered managing a team of “Global HR Business Partners”, strategic

human resource directors covering all the functions of Solectron Corporation that counted 60,000 employees, 60

factories and $11 billion revenue. Flextronics then acquired Solectron in 2007.

Richard moved from Ohio in the USA to the South of France in 1967 at age 9. His diverse career and life have led

him to understand and drive transformation at individual, executive and organizational levels. His passion is to

develop leaders and their teams, bridge geographic and functional boundaries and maximize organization

capabilities while creating inclusive workplace climates that engage employees to be their best.

In 2008, Richard left Silicon Valley for a 16-month sabbatical in Asia, mainly focusing on the philosophical study

and practice of yoga in India. Returning to France in 2009, he decided to reorient his career path and design it for

the next 15 years of his life. He went back to school again for a year, enrolled in a Ph.D. program and created a

management consulting practice that supports and facilitates organizational and executive transformation.

In 2012, he entered the academic world at the Institut de Gestion Sociale in Paris, where he directed the

International HR Executive MBA for 2 years. He currently teaches Strategy, Global HR, Transformation and

Leadership while pursuing his research on managerial exemplarity in multinational corporations.

Richard holds three postgraduate degrees in HR, Organizational Development and Scientific Research from IAE –

Aix en Provence Graduate School of Management, where he received his Ph.D. in Management Science in 2015.

Based on the premise that leadership behaviors are as impactful on teams and on business as competency is, his

theoretical and empirical research focuses on understanding the behaviors, process and effects of Perceived

Managerial Exemplarity (PME) and the relationships between these dimensions.

Dr. Major gives conferences around the world and accompanies multinational companies in their strategic

transformations focusing on managerial behaviors as a key to engaged teams and thriving individuals.

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