Ethics for Breakfast

Biocentric Justice ad Cosmo-Ubuntu: Ecological Ethics from Eastern and Indigenous Traditions

May 11, 7:30 am

Dr. Jing Lin’s talk will focus on these topics: A Daosit worldview debunking anthropocentrism; the rights of all species to life and respect; we are in a relational universe: the idea of Cosmo-Ubuntu; Great Compassion and Love for all existence arose from inner work and self-cultivation; wisdom drawn from Eastern Daoist and Buddhist traditions and from Indigenous spiritual perspectives; implications for our world today.

Prof. Jing Lin is Harold R. W. Benjamin Professor of International Education in the program of International Education Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park. She received her doctorate from the University of Michigan. She has done extensive research on peace and environmental education, and spirituality, religion, and education. The books she has published as a single author and co-author/co-editor are :

Love, Peace, and Wisdom in Education: Vision for Education in the 21st Century (2006);
Educators as Peace Makers: Transforming Education for Global Peace (2008);
Spirituality, Religion, and Peace Education (2010);
Transformative Eco-Education for Human and Planetary Survival (2012);
Re-envisioning Higher Education: Embodied Pathways to Wisdom and Social Transformation (2013);
Toward a Spiritual Research Paradigm: Exploring New Ways of Knowing, Researching and Being (2016);
Contemplative Pedagogies for Transformative Teaching, Learning, and Being (2019);
Daoist Cultivating of Qi and Virtue for Life, Wisdom, and Learning (2020).

Dr. Lin has published many articles and chapters on peace and sustainability education. Topics include: “From self-cultivation to social transformation: The Confucian embodied pathways and educational implications” (2018); “Enlightenment from body-spirit integration: Dunhuang’s Buddhist cultivation pathways and educational implications (2019); “Environmental justice must include the rights of all species to life and respect: Integrating indigenous knowledge into education; (Lin et al., 2020); “From Intimidation to Love: Taoist philosophy and Love­-based environmental education” (Yang, Lin & Culham, 2019).

Dr. Lin has been the co-editor of four-book series: 1) Peace Education; 2) Transforming Education for the Future; 3) Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Education; and 4) Religion, Spirituality, and Education.

Prof. Lin’s research also focuses on Chinese and East Asian education. She has published five books and numerous articles on Chinese education, culture, and society, systematically examining educational reforms and policy changes in China since 1978. Further, Prof. Lin has done years of research on women teachers and girls’ education in Africa. The book she co-authored is entitled: Women teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Problems and possibilities (Stromquist, Klees, & Lin, 2017. London: Routledge).

Dr. Lin teaches courses on Global Climate Change and Education Policy, Education for Global Peace, Ecological Ethics and Education, World Religions and Their Implications for Education, Culture and Education in a Global Context, Contemplative Inquiry and Holistic Education, Gender and Education, and International Higher Education.


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