Sustainability Series: David Van Seters

We’re pleased to continue the Sustainability Series Dialogue in 2019 with our first speaker, David Van Seters, on February 20th. The Sustainability Series, launched in 2018, has featured six speakers to date, and is presented by CityU’s Bachelor of Arts (BAM) degree program, with a specialization in ethics and sustainability.

Presentation Description

Most people spend their working lives as employees working for someone else.  However, a growing number of people are choosing to become entrepreneurs and start their own enterprise, particularly enterprises that they believe will create a better world.  In this presentation, David will talk about his journey from being an employee to launching a number of sustainable businesses and the lessons (both painful and positive) he has learned along the way.  If you have ever considered becoming a sustainable business entrepreneur or are an entrepreneur struggling to survive against what seem like impossible odds, this presentation may give you some valuable tips and ideas that could fundamentally change your career path and your approach to work.

About David Van Seters

David is President of Sustainability Ventures, a sustainability consulting firm that makes the business case for sustainability in government, organizations and communities.  He is also an entrepreneur who has helped launch or grow a half dozen triple bottom line businesses.   One of these businesses was an organic/local grocery delivery company called Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD).  He served as the President and CEO of this company for 12 years and grew it to become the largest organic food delivery service in North America.  In July 2010, David stepped back from a management role at SPUD to pursue other sustainable business ventures.  He has since launched or led five other sustainable businesses including an ultra-low carbon energy utility company, the electric bicycle company, a building energy retrofit company, a community crowdfunding company, and a sustainable business entrepreneur coaching company.

Date & Time
February 20, 2018 • 5:30 pm


Simon Fraser University (hosting on behalf of CityU Canada)

Segal Building, Room 4400

500 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1W6 

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