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Ali Noorafshan

Dr. Ali Noorafshan obtained his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and his MBA from the University of Canada West. 

Dr. Ali has been teaching a variety of biomedical sciences in higher education programsfor over 20 years. Moreover, he successfully developed and delivered some training courses to the administrators, managers, students, and staff, including creative management, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship. 

His research has been focused on various topics, including the quantification of cells, and tissues, in health and disease. Additionally, he conducted research on motivating factors, learning methods, and teaching styles.

He published over 140 scientific which you can find on Google Scholar (

In 2018, he was ranked as the 10th most prolific scientist in the world in the field of quantitative microscopy (stereology). He has also published four books on idea generation for businesses and entrepreneurs. During the last ten years, Dr. Noorafshan has engaged in other positions, including head of the microscopic research center, administrator of the gifted and talented students’ office, and instructor of Canadian investment.

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