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Anna Rissanen, PhD, MEd

Associate Director , Internship Coordinator

Dr Anna Rissanen’s qualifications include a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Eastern Finland (Faculty of Medicine), and MEd in postsecondary education from Memorial University. She has been a director, scientific researcher and teacher in a broad range of international postsecondary settings. She has publications in Neuroscience and in Scholarship in Teaching and Learning. Recently, she was a director at the UofA where she also had considerable experience managing budgets, teaching and learning projects and working collaboratively with students, educators, vendors and faculty. Anna enjoys working with communities where she constantly models the attributes of the leader as a leading learner. Her experiences as an entrepreneur, leader, director, project manager, researcher, supervisor, and instructor have taught the importance of learning and leading through community—meaning that what we can do together is more important than individual qualities taken in isolation. 

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